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spanking contract - for punishment spankings

We originally tried creating a spanking contract about three years ago, but it was a little too overwhelming at the outset. At that time, we were not able to understand how the spankings would modify my behaviour, nor really assess the effect of spankings in solving specific situations. If I liked to be spanked, how could a spanking for misbehaviour be a deterrent, instead of a reward.

My first suggestion is that you read the information on the Spencer spanking plan, that can be found at the following website, mostly because it is free.

I will quote only a little from this document, and change where appropriate he for she, because the plan mostly revolves around the male spanking the female, while our situation is the exact opposite.

"The thing to do is this:

Establish causes that will produce the discipline.

Agree upon the matter thoroughly. Don't leave the thing to the whim of the moment. Let your husband know what he will be spanked for, so he can watch his step and strive to avoid the discipline if he can. This is only fair."

However, the best contract for a DWC relationship can be ordered from the DWC website [a link is in the right hand column of this blog] by ordering the lifestyle kit for $20. I recommend it to everyone. If you are in the male spanks female situation, you could still purchase it but always reverse the roles. The concept is identical. Purchasing from them helps them to maintain the site, which I truly appreciate.

The main idea of the contract is to use punishment spankings for one specific event until it has been satisfactorily corrected over a period of time. The man and woman each list three items they want to improve for the relationship to flourish. A weighting scheme is used to determine which one of the six ideas is to be concentrated on. The scheme makes sense, but you will have to buy the lifestyle kit for the explanation. I feel it would be wrong to give this information out, and if I ever met Aunt Kay, she would deservedly want to spank me for this behaviour.

The goal is to be successful, thus it is not necessarily the most important of the six that is first addressed.

What the point system used has chosen for us will be very easy, but needed addressing.
We have been traveling extensively, but when at home, we would stay at home almost every evening, not getting out and enjoying the wonderful city of Vancouver. Basically, I was the person saying no, and just sitting bored in front of the television many nights.

I must initiate an evening out, once a week, every week for a month. If at the end of the week we have not gone out, then I will receive a punishment spanking immediately.

My goal, honestly, is to avoid any punishment spanking. Punishment spankings are much more severe. I would much rather look forward to a play spanking. I immediately suggested a movie, and we went on Thursday night. [ "Where the Truth Lies'. We loved the movie, including the sexual content in the movie.] We both had fun. I just have to get off my buns, or they will be roasted at the end of the week.

The maintainence spankings I receive, are definitely strong, and these will still be given probably bi-weekly. Warning spankings, and when necessary stress relief spankings will still be given, as will both types of on the spot spankings. Thus, avoiding punishment spankings shows my committment to making our relationship and love more endearing everyday of our life.

If our DWC relationship is to keep working, I must be striving to eliminate behaviour that needs a spanking. Going out once a week will obviously be increased to twice a week after a month, but if this works correctly, another item will be determined as more important next month.

Plus, by listing the six most important ideas to work on, I have a head start on curbing these other behaviours before the next month, thus making it easier to succeed when the time comes to address them..

I include the Spencer contract for you to see, but the Dwc contract has a bettter method of describing the behaviour, monitoring the behaviour, and as stated before, deciding the behaviour to be worked on.

Date ______________________ 20___

I, . ____________________________ husband of _________________________.

do hereby acknowledge that I have read the Spencer Spanking Plan and approve of the doctrines it advocates. From this date on it is my wish to have my conduct regulated by the enforcement of these doctrines. I give to my wife, therefore, the full right and permission to spank me whenever she feels such discipline would prove helpful and be in accordance with the spirit of the Spencer Plan. This Agreement has been entered into willingly--and for no other purpose than to improve my disposition and secure the general benefit that always comes from the enforcement of intelligent discipline. I understand that I will be spanked without fail if I break my promise to refrain from:

(List the situation which has been agreed upon for immediate atttention.)

I promise to cooperate with my wife faithfully. I will get ready for the punishment promptly when asked to do so and I will bear her absolutely no ill-will for so disciplining me.

I promise further to ASK for spankings when I feel I need them. I realize that Request Punishment plays a highly important part in the Spencer Plan, and I will report and ask for the discipline when I feel need or deserve it.


X _________________________________ (husband)

X _________________________________ (wife)

Do you have a discipline contract? Would you like to have one?

PS: We wlll be out of town for three days, going to the Buffalo Bills game, then staying in Buffalo for two nights, doing some shopping, and maybe catching a play at the Shaw Festival. No new posts until at least Wednesday, and my buns are safe for another week.

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