Saturday, August 12, 2017

Humor Friday + Advantages of a adult email address

You might be starting to realize that my sense of humor is not necessarily the same as yours. Our likes and dislikes are possibly different. The fact that everyone is different makes life interesting. There is not only the Mars and Venus type scenario, but no two people are ever truly the same. The following cartoon from I find hilarious.
The following photo is why I believe we need FREEDOM FROM RELIGION!
Adult separate email account: I enjoy having a spanking and adult minded email account. When privacy exists at home, (not meaning I hide from Lynn, but that no others are around), it is fun to check my spanking related dwcmike account for readers comments, personal emails, and sites I have joined simply for the content of their emails. I would never do this type of activity from my normal email account. One slip, and your private life is toast.
As Hermione commented:
It takes very little time to set up a profile, and you don't really have to bother with a picture. Choose a fictitious name. Now's your chance to be whomever you want to be!
Just make sure you first have an email account that's strictly for your private blogging posts.

Another example:
If you visit this site, and then subscribe to their email service (free of course), they will send you a few pictures and a few videos each and every week. Now, the site is women being spanked, but I truly enjoy spanking, and I would personally rather see a woman's wonderful body and booty, than a male's anytime.

Back to the humor: (meet the twins)
I will try to give more reasons for a separate email address for adult content in a few days.
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Widgets said...

Mike we totally agree with you! We have a regular e-mail account which we can be contacted at as well as our own personal and professional accounts. For any who wish to write us with return accounts you may:
Those of interest we will answer.
Rachel & aj Widget

dwcmike said...

Thanks Rachel and AJ.
There is a slight blip on your blogger account, as it does not give your email account. IF you click on my name for this comment, it will take yo to my information, and I have available there a contact me. Thus, you never have to post this adult orientated email address again. Thanks for your support. Those not wanting to create an account will unfortunately not be commenting. Such is life!