Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You should have fun with spanking also!!!

I am a member of a yahoo group that has significant amounts of email everyday. This iste has a preponderance of women being spanked, either by another woman or by a man. Recently, a large quantity of the emails have been two or more young women posing and laughing while one is in a pretend spanking position, and the other is about to deliver a spank.

They are having fun.

So should we all.

Today, I was at work, and spoke with Lynn on the phone. I possibly was going for a haircut after work, but decided it wasn't needed yet. Lynn asked, and I responded, that I didn't need a haircut, all it needed was regular attention from a hair brush. Others were nearby, but did not bat an eye. You can have fun with spanking talk, and I hope enough of you purchase the bottoms up tea towel, so that they continue marketing it and maybe choose more colors. The current green is great in my opinion.

A short while ago, we were on vacation at an all-inclusive, and they had everyone up salsa dancing, going in circles, doing bunny hops, and similar ideas. You probably have done this before. Then the lady leading had all the men get on their hands and knees, and proceeded to have the ladies ride our backs across the floor, with the ladies spurring their charges along with spanks to the bottom. Lynn really got into it, and I was very surprised. Lynn has since had a short ride at home since we have been back. Spanking can be fun.

So, don't save spankings for only when someone is bad, use them and spanking code talk to increase your thrills as a couple.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Great old spanking drawings (Spanking Art Blog)

Well, as the adventure continues, I am exploring other sites in the spanking realm. However, as you can well imagine, the majority are men spanking women, followed by women spanking women, and then a few women spanking men.

One such find is Spanking Art Blog , which is not technically a blog at all. Most of the drawings are of man spanking woman, or woman spanking woman, but afew are not.

Is this a man or a woman being spanked?
Who are these women talking about? Who is about to be punished?
Men in older times as portrayed in the following drawing did have a lot of hair, as did I once upon a time, Is this a man or a woman about to be spanked.If you like older art work, then you might like to browse through this site. Friends like Hermione, Tiggr and Dante might enjoy it even more.

An example: Is this a women about to be switched, or is she simply showing her man how she wants him to be attired and placed for his switching.
“I long to share with you time and being in our world.
I like to see you change, see the expression on you’re face, the rest over you’re face..

I like to see the moving of you’re body..
I like the dance if you stand bend over a chair.
I like to see the changing in the tension of you’re body, the expectation before the next hit.
I long to see the smile on you’re face I we are together.
I even like you to call me “Jerk”

I like the grim on youre face as I tease you
I like to surprise you with changing the implement
I like to let you feel the cold of the metal of the shoespoon
I like to see you tremble under the cane

I love you
Long for you

Yours Magic”

One last drawing that says it all....
If you visit the site, please leave at least one comment on some article.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

vintage spanking photos

Well, i thought I should get back to browsing the web, and finding spanking sites that I may have talked about in the past, but maybe are new to many readers.

It would be far too much effort to try and categorize what I have talked about for over three years.

I have always enjoyed looking at pictures of women being spanked, but have adapted well to my being spanked by Lynn, as the only way almost all spankings occur in my life.

But the photos of women, specially the ones on this site vintagespanking are the type that I remember while growing up.

Thus, if you would like to see photos from a different era, or possibly just new photos, taken in black and white, with period costumes, then venture to this site.

The women of this time came in all sizes, which is wonderful, and far more real. Every woman has her own unique beautiful shape

If this picture were actually happening, imagine the sting of this switch made out of birch.

Over the next while, I will be updating my links, and adding new ones.

Many new sites, and older ones exist, and it will be a good stimulus for me not just to look for topics, but find other sites with their unique perspective.

I will even try to link to the F/M ideas, without either endorsing nor negating their practice. Live and let live, just don't ever cause permanent harm, and everything must be consensual.

The August 8. 2008 has a man being birched, but the hat is absolutely amazing.

One last thought... as you travel to a new site, always their are links to other sites. If you find something you think I would like, please send it along to me...

The photo below I actually remember from my younger days, a long time ago!
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Thursday, December 13, 2018


Humor is a fun way to go through life.

Thus, hopefully the following will make you smile..

Just remember, your wife always has the last word...Or should we say the hand or brush when needed.

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

The Dilemma

This photo just about says it all. The thoughts of spanking may be or for many definitely are erotic!
Unless the spanking is playful, while the spanking is occurring, all eroticism disappears.Fortunately for most, the eroticism quickly returns :-)
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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Lynn's stress relief

Isn't this what many men want to see?
Thought I would start the day with a little humor.

Lynn's stress relief came yesterday, as she decided that it would be a good idea to spank me!

A scolding and then explanation of the reason, and then bare bottom over her knee while she used Miss Hurley to excellent effect.

Lynn many times uses Miss Hurley on only one cheek until she sees enough bright red to be happy, and possibly significant squirming on my part, before moving to the other cheek to administer the same type of spanking.Lynn then moved back and forth, staying for only a short while on one cheek before moving to the other.

Lynn had a wee pause, with me still over her knees for her to reset, and then a lot more spanks were given.When finished, Lynn was very relaxed, my bottom was on fire, and we made passionate love to each other.

Later that day, Lynn requested i show her my bottom, and was quite disappointed that the red had disappeared.
Shortly thereafter, she found another reason to administer a number of spanks, and was quite happy doing it.
Before dinner was done, another couple of spanks were administered for another reason. Lynn was definitely happy all evening, whereas my bottom was quite sore when trying to sleep. The old 'sleep on your stomach' was called for.

All in all, Lynn is now reasonably stress free, at least for the time being.

Spanking Lynn hadn't really relieved her stress, but spanking me certainly helped her mood!
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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

A shared experience

Rowdy has sent me an email to share with everyone. I appreciate all readers sending me, privately, emails of events that are written in detail for me to share with everyone. Short notes of events are great to add as comments

The advantages of sending emails to me are many.
First, it allows me to create an interesting posting that is quick and easy. Thus, I am able to post almost daily.
Secondly, some readers never look at comments, so the posting ensures that the story is read by everyone that might be interested.
Lastly, readers can see that the F/M practice has many features, and many benefits, and practiced by many couples.

Dear Mike,
Happy to oblige you. To make a long story short-

That afternoon John and I were happy as could be returning home with several good filets in our ice chest. I turned onto John's street and saw my wife's car in his driveway. At that moment, we looked at each other and realized that we had screwed up badly. After some years of friendship, we had gotten around to admitting to each other that we liked getting spanked by our wives. We often shared adventures, and had even shared stories with our spouses. We sort of knew we were in for a real treat this time.

We rushed into John's house. The tongue lashing began almost immediately. We stood there looking stupid with our heads down and shamefaced. Finally, Judy snapped, "Go unload the car while we decide what to do with you!"

Happy to get away, we unloaded the ice chest and John's supplies from my trunk. "I think we're gonna get whupped", John said quietly.

"I would bet on it," I replied. We finished unloading John's stuff and returned to the kitchen.

Our wives took us by the ear and escorted us to the family room where there were two large sofas. A hair brush had been placed on each sofa. The ladies sat down and made themselves comfortable. They ordered John and me to drop our trousers. They pulled us across their laps, then slid down our jockey shorts. They chatted amiably while administering a long, hard spanking to us. They commented frequently about how red and sore our butts appeared. We tried to take it manfully, but I have to admit, we yelped and howled quite a bit. When they finished, they had us stand in separate corners to think about our lack of consideration.
That was the first time I had ever been spanked with another couple present. Our ladies enjoyed it, and it gave us fodder for conversation for a long time to come. John and I got spanked together a few times after that.

Unhappily, he and his wife later split. He remarried and moved to another state. I assume that his new wife shares his spanking enthusiasm. but I have not yet discussed it with him.

Thanks for writing Rowdy. Any other readers willing to share would be greatly appreciated. (when they were spanked with other people present!)
Please note that spanking does not guarantee that a marriage will last, but it sometimes greatly helps a marriage.

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Sunday, December 02, 2018

a few drawings

A few drawings to interest you, I hope.
One can wonder what this woman has in mind to do with that switch?
Could she be planning to pay some overdue attention to her partner?Could she be planning to help the love making of her two best female friends?
OR could the above be a simple warm-up to the main event.
Hope you enjoyed the drawings.
On the home front, my bottom has been significantly warmed twice since the previous bad timing post, and all is well on the home front. We enjoyed a romantic lobster dinner tonight.

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Saturday, December 01, 2018

random thoughts

Why does Mr. Peanut have a cane????
Is this subliminal propaganda for a spanking lifestyle? (I borrowed this idea from Ms. Cassandra Park's blog) I hope the next one makes you laugh.... what interesting advertising exists if you live in places other than North America.
Is she really talking about chocolate? Or after the above, is she talking about the size of the brush she is going to spank you with/

Fortunately, I believe both Lynn and Miss AUDREY (The powerful woman below... a link to her site is in my link section) have a good sense of humorotherwise, this will be me !!!
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Friday, November 30, 2018

After a spanking...is this how it is from october 2002

A site worth visiting is ourcastle, if you enjoy spanking fiction.
The two separate items here come from the site!  However, this site has been closed.
First is: http://www.ourcastle.com/posters/hallie/ and is titled: " After a spanking.........Is this how it is?"
Posted by Hallie on October 04, 2002 at 10:35:45:
"Why did you spank me?"
"Because I love you"
"How is that showing me you Love me?"
"Do you feel Loved?"
"Do you feel safe?"
"Did I scare you?"
"Other than making your bottom sore, Did I hurt you?"
"You came home from work looking for a fight, Didn't you?"
"Yes, I had a very bad day. Everything that could go wrong went wrong."
"What did you want to accomplish with fighting with me?"
"I wanted the release. I wanted to scream!"
"Did I make you scream?"
"Did you get the release you sought?"
"Are we angry with each other?"
"What would have happened if we would have fought?"
"We wouldn't be talking like this now."
"That's right. Would you have felt better if we would have fought instead?"
"Do you feel I abused you?"
"Some people would call that abuse."
"Yes, I suppose so."
"What would you call it?"
"Being cared for."
"I love you."
"I know, you showed me how much."
Some actual wisdom was in this little story, at least in my way of thinking.....
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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Fun Day

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


I thought I would just have a day of a few photos....Maybe you might suggest appropriate titles!

1. Performance review at the office... note the quality of the artwork done by the engineer
At home in the den, more items can be lite on fire than just in the fireplace.
Sometimes, you don't feel like having him over your knee, so the chair can still be very useful!
Annoyed in the kitchen? Deal with the situation immediately1
Another unique position is you want him to admire those new expensive shoes that you recently purchased!
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