Friday, November 18, 2016

for your entertainment

Thought I would post a few pictures.

Maybe this might serve as a reminder to all the spankers that using the hand in an over the knee setting can be equally effective. The entire scenario of baring oneself, or being bared, and laying over the knee, does have it's own positive effect.

A couple of days ago, Lynn felt that I was grumpy in the morning, and proceeded to use the bath brush (Body Shop) for six really hard swats with me standing, bending over slightly.

Shall we say she definitely caught my attention, and this did dispel most of the momentary grumpiness. A far better solution than sinking lower into grumpiness and having a bad day.
The next night was a lobster dinner, and wonderful love making.

bottoms up


john said...

I'm regular in this humiliating position for an OTK handspanking. The lower sitspot and the upperthighs get there part too.
A pro taught her a lot of tricks you don't like at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike - what is the bath brush that Lynn uses? Is it wooden,
length, and where can it be acquired? Many thanks, Walt

frankie b said...

The humiliation of being ordered to get over her knee bare assed is still a thrill after five years. I am so thankful that I have a wife who appreciates my need and finds joy in the act of disciplining her often thoughtless husband.

Anonymous said...

In regard to the bath brush Mike is referring to, it is not the sold by the "Body Shop Chain" in the Unites States ( Here is a link to the bath brush they carry:;jsessionid=nu-jmbOWVn26TNJjsWMRQw**.bsprd-app-101-bssfolapp04?productId

It is shaped about the same but can easily be seen to be plastic.

I think Mike may be referring to a "Body Shop" store native to Canada.

However, the chain "Linens 'n Things" does carry this type brush - wooden, large, round, and heavy, with a long handle for plenty of leverage - and inexpensive! I got a good long paddling on my bare behind with this brush over the weekend and - believe me - it is VERY effective! Here's a link:

There's a couple of good pics of this brush in action in Mike's blog entry of January 6, 2008 - just scroll down the page.

John R said...

Thank you Mike for the entertainment pictures. They are great. I am a great fan of OTK as I love the comfort of my tummy on her lap especially when a skirt is pulled up high, and being able to place my penis between her thighs. It is usually tumescent before the spanking, but definitely subsides during the 'punishment'. I can never understand those people who seem to have their bottom so far to one side of the lap that genitals obviously hang down one side of the thigh instead of between!

Well Spanked Man said...


My wife broke one of those round headed wooden bathbrushes on my rear back in December. OUCH!


dwcmike said...

John: hopefully, Danielle will explain a little for everyone's benefit. The spanker will benefit from having extra knowledge, so that the spanking is more effective with less or the same effort. The spanked benefits from every spanking.

Walt: One is from "The Body Shop" in Canada, and one is from the Vermont Country Store in the US.. Both are still available as far as I know. Botha re wooden, and I have shown pictures in previous posts.

Frankie B; We are both lucky in this manner. Be certain to thank her for each spanking, and how much you love her every day.

anon: thanks for the helpful information, relieving me of the effort to find the links. Thanks a lot. Please sign with a phony name next time, and do tell us more of your situation, when you have time.

John R: to each couple, their preference is what matters most. To many, the spanks descending totally obliterates any thought of where your genitals are at the moment. Glad you like the pictures.

Well spanked man: definitely an ouch, although stronger sounds might have occurred from you.

thanks to all for commenting