Thursday, November 17, 2016

Westfield drawings

Time for your imagination to get back to work.
Just imagine that your wife is in the middle of spanking you when her friend calls. This is a friend who also spanks and she suggests that changing positions a few times during a spanking will help your wife enhance her dominance.

First place him over the back of the couch, so that you can use a paddle and tone your arm.

Then you could always have him crawl over to a footstool, while you encourage his efforts to get there.
Once there, do make it a worthwhile for both of you.
Lastly, maybe give him a little encouragement to keep his weight down!

Once done, the problem should be solved, so that the love making that follows is spectacular.

bottoms up


Rob said...

Fun drawings, Mike. They are well done.

Tiggs said...

Hugs, Mike! Here's the full link to the story that you have so wonderfully mentioned:

(I'd love it if folks just perused my site, but they could easily get lost for years in the archives, lol, with no clear way out of the madness!)

LOVE your story, by the way, complete with simple line drawings... positively MASTERful!

Hugs! Big ones!

Mark said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Tiggs story was nice too. Hard to believe there is a guy somewhere living that life.

Naughty Al said...

I've several other Westfield drawings. How to send them to you?


dwcmike said...

Rob: I agree

Tiggs: thanks

Mark: always fun to read about other people's adventures

Naughty Al: I have many others also, but you could simply attach them in a email to