Monday, November 21, 2016

the stress solution for the season

Well, Lynn is keeping everything toasty on the home front, or shall I say the bottom.

Three days ago, Lynn decided it was necessary to do a quick spanking with Miss Hurley twice, and the food stirrer once during that day.

Two days ago Miss Hurley re-visited my bottom very effectively.

As of time of writing, I have just returned from the kitchen, where Lynn in a very kind and friendly voice asked me to join her for a moment. When I arrived, she picked up the food stirrer, and "the LOOK" told me to bend over with a bare bottom. The food stirrer effectively toasted my bottom, while Lynn informed me why she was unhappy with my behaviour. The spanking ended when Lynn felt the spanking had sufficiently covered the offense.

We seem to be in a cycle where frequent short spankings help keep all stresses of the season under control. It is far better than worrying, getting angry, shouting, arguing, or any other type behaviour that sometimes is the norm for a short period during the holiday season.

OTK : This means something that Only The Kind practice this in their relationship. It is far kinder to solve the problem and forget it, than to dwell on problems, and end up making the problems worse.

Lynn has just once again been ONLY TOO KIND:

She just finished another stronger toasting. The reason is unnecessary to explain, but she entered the room, stated their was one other thing she wants to deal with, and requested I retrieve Miss Hurley for her use. Then it was bare bottom over the sofa, fortunately with the blinds closed, for a very strong and effective dose of Miss Hurley's caresses.

When she finished the spanking and the lecture, Lynn was all smiles. While thanking her, Lynn replied that she has to give me some material to write for my blog, with a devilish smile, and a pleasing lilt in her tone.

Hopefully, all problems are solved, and my bottom can be a spank free zone for the remainder of the day, if not the week.

May you have the good fortune of spanking away the streses of the season
bottoms up

Friday, November 18, 2016

for your entertainment

Thought I would post a few pictures.

Maybe this might serve as a reminder to all the spankers that using the hand in an over the knee setting can be equally effective. The entire scenario of baring oneself, or being bared, and laying over the knee, does have it's own positive effect.

A couple of days ago, Lynn felt that I was grumpy in the morning, and proceeded to use the bath brush (Body Shop) for six really hard swats with me standing, bending over slightly.

Shall we say she definitely caught my attention, and this did dispel most of the momentary grumpiness. A far better solution than sinking lower into grumpiness and having a bad day.
The next night was a lobster dinner, and wonderful love making.

bottoms up

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Westfield drawings

Time for your imagination to get back to work.
Just imagine that your wife is in the middle of spanking you when her friend calls. This is a friend who also spanks and she suggests that changing positions a few times during a spanking will help your wife enhance her dominance.

First place him over the back of the couch, so that you can use a paddle and tone your arm.

Then you could always have him crawl over to a footstool, while you encourage his efforts to get there.
Once there, do make it a worthwhile for both of you.
Lastly, maybe give him a little encouragement to keep his weight down!

Once done, the problem should be solved, so that the love making that follows is spectacular.

bottoms up

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Bone Lick (very close to Beaver Lick)

Once you have visited Beaver Lick, it goes without saying that "Big Bone Lick should be nearby.

Both are definitely worth visiting :-)
Also nearby is Hopeful Heights!
The above photo,, is definitely connected to Beaver Lick.

Use google maps to find other interesting places to visit.

Beaver Lick, Big Bone Lick, Surgartit, Hopeful Heights and Rabbit Hash are all towns in Kentucky within 5 miles of each other. About 15 miles south of Cincinnati.

For more info: Naughty Tourists at Big Bone Lick

or the actual site Big Bone Lick State Park

bottoms up

Friday, September 25, 2009

Beaver Lick

I just post them, I don't make them up....
2009 Beaver Rd, Union, KY 41091 (Beaver Lick Trading Post)
Did you notice they have carry - out....

Beaver Lick is located in Kentucky....From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860

A small post village in Boone county, situated on the Covington stage route, 20 miles from Covington, 12 miles from Burlington, the capital of the county, 65 miles north of Frankfort and 90 miles north-east of Louisville. It contains one church (Baptist), one seminary, one store, one hotel, two physicians, one magistrate, three blacksmiths, and one carriage maker. Population 100. Post office established 1854.

Thus, above are a few photos to accompany the above one, where the women is getting a licking. Theatre is the best for both Lynn and I.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prevention of H1N! virus for all

You may have already seen the email sweeping the world, but a new form of greeting is needed to prevent this damn virus from spreading.

Make certain you get with the program

bottoms up

Friday, August 07, 2009

Submissive male- or just a man having great fun!!!

Is oral sex an act of submission?
Definitely not! The positioning of the participants however, and the facial expressions, can have one person being served, while the other simply enjoys being served!These series of photos definitely show a submissive male scenario!The chain is an added touch in this next drawing! Adding in a touch of bondage certainly catches your attention!Thus, this little post is simply to allow me to post some very artistic but also stimulating photos, for your enjoyment.
If you do the photos well, they can definitely DISPLAY SUBMISSION!!!

Enjoy! I have added a link to Male Submission Art, where many of these drawings come from.

Personally, both giving and receiving oral sex is simply another joy in life.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


My Dear Friends!

As you know, Ireland has been devastated of late by raging
flood waters. The attached "Award Winning" photograph,
captures the horror and the suffering that many are having
to endure. But the Irish are a hearty bunch, and they
will survive.
Please say a prayer for the people of Ireland as they try
to make it through yet another day....