Friday, April 13, 2018

book of the day

I found this on another site, a while ago, and unfortunately forget from whence it came. Most of the entries were men or women spanking women. This one I thought you might enjoy.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

picture perfect

Thought I would just post a few photos for today.I ENJOY PICTURES, WHERE women appear to be very happy with the task of spanking different men
It IS definitely excellent aerobic exercise for the women :-)They ARE happy, meticulous, and very thorough
  spankings  not over the knee.
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Monday, April 09, 2018

2 million hits and counting

This was a post from Apr 15, 2009

So many interested people, so long ago...
I somehow missed this little fact, as I have been very busy over the last while.

This blog, for better or worse, has had more than 2 million visits. (Somewhat more than that, because I did not start the counter for a month or two after starting the blog)

Many have come, looked for one second, and disappeared into the ether. .

Others have come, enjoyed what they read and seen, and become friends.

Your feedback, whether positive or negative, has helped keep me interested in creating this blog.

Your feedback about your lifestyle (everyone's is different) helps enhance and affirm a version of the lifestyle. I try to make this blog such that you can imagine yourself as either the spanker or the spankee, no matter what gender you are, and no matter what gender the other participant is. My typing is not great, and thus it takes time to compose each posting.

I am extremely happy that readers whose first language is not English, or who are not simply fluent and comfortable in writing in English, choose to share their experiences.

We are so fortunate to live in a society where we make the laws, not laws simply passed down from whatever God eons ago. Romans used to like to declare themselves gods, as did kings of many lands.

We are extremely lucky to have the INTERNET, such that we can reach out and find other people with similar ideas as ours, and thus affirm that we are not totally irrational. (well, maybe you are sane, but I am not so certain of myself some days :-)

I am extremely fortunate to have a spell checker, to correct my errors mostly caused by mistakes in typing.

May you frequent this blog whenever you like,

may you live long and prosper (Spock),

may you have a sense of humor to get through the day,

may good fortune come your way and stay with you forever...

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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Fuller Brush Company

Some original older cartoons sometimes used the travelling saleswoman, who would demonstrate how to use Acme brushes. This was, at least in my imagination, a take off from the Fuller Brush salesman. . Thus, I thought a walk down memory lane would take us today to the fuller brush company, and it's current products.Heritage Hair Care!
Only from Fuller Brush come heirloom-quality hairbrushes with natural beauty and superior performance delivered by these elegantly traditional styles. The Beechwood used in this hairbrush was selected for its beauty and durability. The natural boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils for an all-over silky luster.

If you want to look at the hair brushes, here is the link.

Any spanking with a hairbrush, by a determined woman, can be extremely effective. Lynn's use of our small hairbrush recently was very effective.

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Thursday, April 05, 2018

reasons why OTK Spankings are great

Not certain if I have posted this before, but it seems like fun for today. If I have posted it before, then maybe one of my researchers :-) will let me know when.
Age has it's own rewards, thus I get to enjoy this again.

Reasons Why OTK Spankings are Great

First, they are good for your health.
* The spanker gets a good workout chasing an errant partner, dragging them to the chair, holding then in place despite their struggles, and of course the effort of a truly good spanking.
* For the spankee, the effort of running, struggling, and of course all that kicking and waving arms around. Better than Aerobics!
* Spankees spend more time standing, even dancing frantically. Much healthier activity than sitting. Perhaps we can teach the spankaerobics in gyms? Worlds more fun than step, and way more action than yoga.
* Spanking is great for the circulation. First all the blood rushes to the head as the spankee is positioned over the knee. Then when the spanking begins the blood rushes to the bottom. Soon the face is red with crying and yelling, the heart rate jumps as arms and legs wave and kick. By the end the heart has had an excellent workout.Again, roll on spankaerobics. (And I intend to patent that. But you can all buy shares.)

* Asthmatics are often told to take up swimming to improve lung capacity. Think of the wonderful benefits of a spanking, plenty of exercise and a good workout for the lungs too, but without all the time spent getting to the pool, changing clothes, drying off, etc.
* Along the same lines, think of aspiring singers. Spankees often hit notes that Opera singers can only dream about. And sustain them for amazingly long periods. The opportunity is there for a truly effective training program. And there is that improvement in lung capacity again. All that has to pay off.

* Mental agility is improved too. Trying to think up excuses that will work to avoid a spanking, looking for hiding places for contraband, trying to find a loophole in the rules, all keep a spankee alert. And of course the spanker is playing the other side; watching, checking, continually on his toes. That sort of thinking keeps you young.
Secondly, they help you save money.
* Less wear and tear on the furniture. After all, the two of you use only one chair. And afterwards the spankee doesn't sit at all for a while.

* You can examine the carpet for marks and stains while you're down there. Might find a lost earring or a few coins too, if you check around.
* It's a cheap hobby. No equipment at all is required, just a place for the spanker to sit. If she decides to go beyond a hand spanking many appropriate implements are lying around the house, just begging to be used. Much cheaper than the expense of buying golf clubs, scuba gear or electric trains.
* Spankers often find that giving a spanking to that hot little red bottom, which is doing all that wriggling on his lap, has a somewhat arousing effect. Just a bit. Think of the savings on Viagra. Although, it may be interesting trying to fill the prescription.
Thirdly, they can add excitement to your life.
* Just imagine you are going to the most boring party on earth. As you arrive your partner whispers in your ear, "Behave yourself tonight or I'll be warming that naughty little bottom of yours when we get home."
Instantly your mind is alert. Just how far can you push? You know you're being watched all the time. You flirt, you tease, always keeping one eye open. And then it happens, the whisper, "Right Young Man, that's enough. You'll be in the corner as soon as we get home. I want to see that naughty bottom of yours on display. And then you're going over my knee and I'm spanking you until you are one sorry young man."
The rest of the party passes in a blur of thrills and chills, terrified anticipation and shivery excitement. Definitely not dull.
* A simple shopping trip becomes a roller coaster of thrills. Do I buy it? Can I afford it? Will she find out?
* As you walk around the house, just seeing a hairbrush lying on the dresser or a wooden spoon in a kitchen drawer can bring a little tingle in the tummy, or a bit lower down. Your own home is more exciting than an amusement park.
And the best of all:
* A good spanking often leads to an extended session of rumpy-pumpy. And if you need me to tell you why that's a good thing, you're doing it wrong!
So, ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.
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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

A present sent to Danielle and John

Friends are really important, even ones we have never met in person.

Without giving a lot of detail, this blog was helpful in connecting and encouraging Danielle to write me privately.

With emails, I was able to encourage her to begin the journey down the road of disciplining her husband for play and for real!

Danielle and John have both grown in the realm of marital discipline, and I believe it has helped both of them as much as marital discipline has helped us.

Danielle and Lynn have chatted privately, and both have helped and encouraged each other when needed.

A short while back, I sent Danielle and John a present of some appropriate tea towels and a bath brush.

Danielle's reply:

"When I came home this morning John told me that there was a package waiting to be opened. Always exciting... but we were thrilled when we opened your gift. What a wonderful bath brush that you sent us. We have been looking for one for years; only found a plastic one that got broken soon.

We send you a very big thank you, it is great! Of course I have tried it out immediately and I must tell you it made an impression."

Aside: I have yet to hear John's reaction to the present.

Enjoy life...

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re-visiting Veralsi

This first cartoon I found to be wonderful.Humor is even better than spankings, but if you combine the two, it is truly a wonderful World.
I thought I would re-visit the outside of Veralsi's Spanking Showcase, and look at some of the public pictures.
Simply click on the link, and then click enter.
Notice that I always try to take you to the page that requires you to (possibly) read the age requirements, before getting to the site.
The site is predominantly women being spanked, but has a number of sections of women spanking men.
IF anyone has joined this site, please offer a small review for my readers.
I would love a free membership for a week, so that I could then explain more about the pictures, but I am content simply advertising the site by showing a few drawings from the public area.

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Sunday, April 01, 2018


Photo opportunities do yield interesting results.

Leonardo drawing with caption...
It does come naturally. Every woman has something beautiful about her, if she makes the effort.

I imagine I will stop admiring and looking at women after they have closed the casket lid, but not before... Certainly beats looking at men for me, but whatever floats your boat is best...

enjoy Life, and being alive


Friday, March 30, 2018


Thought I would do a small poll for today.The question is: Where in your house or apartment do you most frequently get spanked?

spanking location in your house

what room are you most frequently spanked in?

our bedroom
family (living) room
a different room

My answer is the bedroom, but with the kitchen whenever on the spot occurs.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

how did you approach your wife(partner) to spank you?

REDI occasionally get very personal letters like the following, and thought it was maybe time to share this topic with everyone again.

Dear Mike,
I have frequented your website (and others like it) for some time now, and am working up the courage to talk to my own wife about a female led relationship. I was wondering how you spoke to your own wife when bringing up the subject for the first time.
Sincerely Yours
Joel (a name I have made up for this person)
My Reply:
Hi Joel:

Please look backwards in my blog. More towards the beginning of the blog I have addressed somewhat this issue.. This way you will see our evolution...

Give me more info on your situation, PRIVATELY, before I would ever consider recommending, and if this is your regular email account, then please setup one solely for adult rated content regarding spanking. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Time for our readers to help, so I am not overwhelmed! Also, maybe if both partners read this blog, I might request the extra encouragement that only a spanker can give to a spankee. Please promise your partner a spanking, but temper your mood on how fast a reply is sent to this blog, with a copy to yourself.

This knee is waiting for you to bend over. Depending on how you answer the request above, it may be a happy woman who is administering the spanking. I have learned that it is always better to have a happy woman administer the spanking.
If you have previously described how you approached your partner on the spanking issue, could you look back and see what date of the posting or the comment that explained how you were able to broach the topic, and eventually convince your partner of your need to be spanked, and the benefits that would be derived by both of you in your relationship.
By your remembering about when you discussed it on this blog, you should be able to find it easier than I can. I can then build a short posting of relevant dates for those who have previously posted. Thanks.the knee is still there, but the woman is looking a little more perturbed with your not fulfilling her request quickly.
If you have as yet not explained how spanking began in your present relationship, maybe you might post a comment explaining as much detail as you are comfortable with, without anything that would lead to your identity. If this blog has helped in any way, this is how it could be most useful.

Remeber, I am commissioning the spanker to be certain to follow through if you do not post.
thanks to all who take the time to organize this for the greater community benefit.... May you be soundly spanked as your reward...
bottoms up

The Perpetual Question

A reader wrote this to me privately recently:

Hi Mike: I'm a regular reader of your blog, but I haven't yet disclosed my level of interest to my wife. Thought about it for a long time, but still waiting for the right time. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'm one of many that consider you somewhat of a legend in the F/M spanking scene, and consequently, I want to ask you for your opinion. If you don't find time to respond, it is Ok because I'm sure you receive many similar questions. I'm on a conference call the other day, while working from home, and I hear a little "ahh" from the next room. I listened for a couple of seconds, and realized the vacuuming continued to happen, banging against the wall. So, I knew that whatever happened was not some injury requiring my attention. However, later my wife walked by asking if I heard her make a noise. When I answered yes, she became very angry with me because I did not come running. Two days have passed, and she is still mad at me. She is feeling unimportant and hurt because I did not come to her rescue to make sure she was OK. I'm annoyed at her, because this "needing to be rescued and coddled" has happened numerous times now. While I think it is silly and immature, I find my spanking side wondering if this is a chance to suggest that future situations where she feels I have let her down, be met with spankings. On one hand, I think the notion of always being the victim and making me out to be the bad guy that isn't there for her is ludicrous, but on the other hand, I wonder if I should just suck it up and try and make something positive out of it.
This is where I wonder if you have some advice. You use spankings to solve problems, but do you use them to solve problems of this sort where you might think that you are right and she is wrong? Its funny, but I feel that regardless of who is right and who is wrong, if a spanking is involved, maybe I won't care so much.

Anyway, great blog, and if you have any advice, it is much appreciated.
Thanks, MC.

Well MC, maybe it is time to re-visit this topic, briefly.
I have no idea of how long you are married, how liberated or rigid your relationship is, and what other factors exist in your lives. All of these might change the answer.

Recommendation One: purchase the "Please spank me" booklet from the   IT will give you a little more confidence, before discussing with your wife.

Recommendation Two: Make certain that there are no problems to speak about for a while, so that the harmonious nature of your marriage is in a good phase. Every relationship has ups and downs, so don't broach the topic when other difficulties are present. Be open and honest with your wife, and bring the elephant out of the closet, and talk about your desires. Go slowly, and give her lots of time to think about it.

Recommendation Three: If she does not categorically dismiss the idea as childish and totally crazy, ask if she wold like to look at the DWC website. Remember to keep stressing that you do NOT want to be treated as a child, that she is NOT replacing your mother, but simply your partner, who may use spankings to create a more harmonious situation whenever she feels it is necessary. It allows her to be in charge, and when upset, have a way to deal with your transgressions.

Recommendation Four: When reading the DWC website, state that much of what is written is excellent, whereas other parts are "too over the top". Give her the power to decide how she might like to start implementing spanking in your relationship. I would also STRONGLY recommend buying the lifestyle kit.

Almost Lastly: Whether you think it trivial or serious, if she thinks you should be spanked for something she thinks is important, you must give up the right to say no! But the lifestyle kit, gives a well thought out plan of how to initiate spakings in your relationship...

Lastly: please start at my blog at the beginning, and skim to find out how spanking has developed between Lynn and I.

DEFINITELY MY LAST THOUGHT FOR NOW!! Nothing you read on this blog, or the DWC website will fit your exact situation. Also, some of what you read may be too extreme, whereas some which you read may be too mild! I find some of the people that wrote in Real People, or who signed the guest book at the Dwc website to be too extreme for our view of DWC. We also do not agree with any drawing of blood. Your partner may not by nature wish to cause pain. The idea of a dwc relationship is something that grows over time, as the improvements in your living together in love blossoms even fuller with spankings.

good luck
bottoms up

Monday, March 26, 2018


Well, I finally ordered a while ago an implement from Aunt Kay, that I felt I would truly dread. For readers that remember Lynn and my visit to Aunt Kay of the DWC, one of the implements she used on my bottom was "the Punisher". It was a heavy, thick leather strap, while being quite thin in width. Simply a couple of strokes and my knees were buckling.

Lynn sometimes uses the cane, but does not swing it with conviction. I know that this is a dangerous statement to make, as Lynn reads this blog. Lynn uses the bath brush with definite conviction and force, and I believe enjoys seeing the effects it causes, both on my reddening bottom, my verbal reactions, and my feet dancing in the air.

As always, a spanking has a purpose, and it should be effective, and remembered.

One additional fact is that when Laurie and James visited us, Lynn borrowed and used each of their straps extremely effectively. Nearly every stroke resulted with my knees buckling from the force and intensity of the spank. Laurie complimented Lynn on how effectively she spanks her man, and that she is an accomplished disciplinarian. A very nice comment, from an experienced Lady.

Thus, I decided to order this strap from Aunt Kay, and Lynn agreed.

A picture of the strap!!!!
The description from the Disciplinarywivesclub website:
Due to requests for an implement that was ‘strap-like’ but had more impact, the DWC is introducing the MagnaStrap. It is easy to handle and has a dramatic impact. The MagnaStrap should bring immediate behavior improvement.
MagnaStrap is 17 awesome inches long. The easy-grip rounded handle is 6” long and the rubber strap is 11” long, 1” wide, and 3/8” thick. It is made with very high quality materials and workmanship. You’ll love how easy it is to use and it will soon become a favorite.
$71.00 plus shipping
My opinion: now that Lynn has used the strap. It is ferocious.

Lynn decided I needed to be spanked, even though I had been spanked severely just three days before regarding her weight loss scheme. It was decided to use the new strap.

On the first stroke, my knees buckled, from the chastising effect of the strap. Each spank was delivered with seeming ease on Lynn's part, with devastating effects on my bottom. I cannot explain the feeling, but probably will be able to do better after this magnastrap has been used another time on my bottom.

The strap is easy to hold, and seems to just attack your bottom in a easy swinging motion. I was able to sort of see it coming the first time, and it did not seem to be intimidating. From the moment it lands, the shock is immense, and the intimidation is acute. MY knees involuntarily buckled, and I have absolutely no recollection if I responded verbally. Lynn paused, until I straightened my knees and legs, and again the strap made it's movement towards my bottom. Again it landed, and the intensity simply overwhelmed me, causing my knees to buckle.

By the fifth stroke, I was extremely slow in being able to stand, from the numbing pain of the spanks. Lynn then, or a spank or two later, stated let's have four more, and please count them out loud. Those four spanks are the hardest I have ever endured, and much more than any of the straps that Laurie had.

When allowed to rise, I thanked Lynn, and was allowed to feel and look at my bottom. I was amazed that Lynn had only used the strap on a small area of my bottom, which was fiercely red,
and that the top part of my bottom was untouched. I felt that my whole bottom was aflame.

We hugged, and caressed, but Lynn decided a few minutes later to use the small hair brush and redden the top part of my bottom, to match the lower portion. When Lynn finished, I was most truly spanked.

We then hugged, and kissed again, all was forgiven, and we made love. My bottom has been red for two days, and only today has the redness mostly disappeared.

Lynn has finally found an implement that clearly spanks severely, with little effort on her part, and maximum effect on my bottom and me. I hope that she does not feel she needs to use this implement any time soon. (Soon being in the next year or more).

If Lynn wants to cover my entire bottom, then she will probably simply have me standing upright, so a little padding exists everywhere, and maximum spanking surface is available.

I wholeheartedly recommend this magnastrap for any woman who wants to deliver an extremely painful spanking that will be remembered for a considerable time by her partner. I already regret havng purchased it, knowing that it awaits my bottom whenever LYnn feels it is appropriate. [Aside to Janeen: it is far worse than the bottoms out position you prefer with a bathbrush, when wanting a strong spanking!]

Aunt Kay might soon be dong a roaring business, and the men that are on the receiving end will feel a roaring fire on their bottom, and possibly be roaring with noises as it is applied.

The easiest link to this strap... click here. then scroll downwards as it is on the front page of the site after you have hit enter.

ADDED THOUGHT: IF YOU DO ORDER THIS, ADD A SHORT NOTE SAYING DWCMIKE SENT YOU! (A space is provided for any extra comments!) Lastly, it comes in an extremely well sealed package,[ inside is cardboard, then heavy brown paper to wrap it, with heavy clear tape] and with the label for customs stating rubber kitchen implement. In no way would this ever open, without prolonged use of scissors. The return address is dwc, and a post office box number. It is sent by airmail.


bottoms up

Saturday, March 24, 2018

our little secret

Posted by: "msspnker" msspnker

Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:18 am (PST)

Displaying spanking brushes

My wife displays an large oval bath brush in her bathroom. Also, she
has hanging in my bathroom a large round bath brush. Guests often
comment "that's a nice brush you have not knowing what they are
really for." Becky is becoming bolder with her public display of her
disciplinarian role.

I think one day soon she is going to reveal to my mother or sister
either in a joking manner or in a matter of fact way that she spanks
me. Although my mother has joked that she should do so...

We have agreed for the most part that our spanking lifestyle will be
our little secret. However, it is agreed to intensify my discipline
she can reveal our little secret in public when she sees fit. Meaning
either by telling someone or disciplining me in front of them.

When that happens she will reveal two secrets at once. The second
being my punishment attire. Embarrassment in the right measurement is
an important part of our spanking ritual.

Our spanking relationship is unique. She enjoys the
control,embarrassment factor, my squirming/whining, and fact she
feels better after administering her stinging kisses.

I embarrass easily and don't like the pain. However, the shame and
embarrassment of submiting to a spanking makes me feel better having
endured and served my pennance so to speak. It's the conflicting
emotions and sensations that is the stimulus.

For me it's the mental aspect and my inner child coming out is most
important and for her it's the physical act of making her feelings
felt, the control, and power she weilds over me with just the hint of
a spanking.

I don't relish the idea of her spanking me in front of someone. But eventually I think it's a natural evolution of our spanking lifestyle. It would fullfill her desire to display her control and
signal she will take action anytime/anywhere. It stimulates the need for me to humble myself to her in public. The key is not to over use the public factor. We think it's better as an implied threat but not
knowing when she will reveal our secret is exciting.

Just a post to intertwine with other messages and to maybe spark more conversations.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A cartoon for ronnie

Enjoy life

Sunday, March 18, 2018

mattenklopper for everyone

Doubt you would ever want to enter a home like this, knowing that you have misbehaved and live here
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Friday, March 16, 2018

A Present from Danielle and John: A Mattenklopper

From Wikipedia:
A carpet beater or mattenklopper (from Dutch) is a tool used to clean carpets and rugs by hanging them up and beating them. It is usually made of willow switches woven together in a knot similar to a flattened Turk's head. The number of strands determines the rigidity of the mattenklopper. A two-strand mattenklopper like the one shown here would be more flexible than a three- or four-strand mattenklopper. Modern mass-production version can also be in plastic or wire.
Its use in cleaning has been largely replaced by the carpet sweeper and then the vacuum cleaner, but it is still sold in household stores.From Wikipedia
The Black and White photo is claimed to come from 1955.

You are able to purchase similar carpet beaters.
Here is one site (Design within Reach) that sells them on the internet. Part of the explanation of use is "Beat the carpet from the backside"... hmmmm
Another site can be found by clicking here. A vintage style rattan carpet beater that they sell is shown at the top of this posting. Their product description: "
The old-fashioned ways are often the best! Great for cleaning the dust from rugs and at the same time a great way of getting rid of any pent up emotion and getting a good aerobic workout! " Another site (click the title) has the following:ASG24 AZ - Spank, Carpet beater

A story:


DAVID E. DU CLOS. He Objected to His Neighbor's Penchant for Pounding Floor Coverings at Night Time.June 29, 1895, Wednesday Page 14, 1771 words

Here is the link from the NYTIMES.

having more fun with this topic.
We have yet to use this product, but I imagine we will very soon.

A few words of warning are always necessary when using a new implement.

This implement has been described by some as being like a cane, but with many more parts that strike the bottom with each spank. The air passing through offers no resistance as the implement is swung. Simply using the wrist, instead of a fulll swing, still has the arc of the carpet beater head travellng a great distance in a short space of time. That is, it is moving incredibly fast. (means strong effect)

If your intention is for fun and sexual passion, do be careful.

From John:

Danielle mostly uses the carpet beater to end a discipline session with a six of the best with the beater.

E ( a friend of Danielle and John) however sometimes takes the beater for a fast warm up just using her wrist. I can assure you, you will be quick ready for more.

Lastly, I have included a number of photos to show possible positioning, which is also necessary to think abou tbefore using any implement.

Have fun
bottoms up