Thursday, December 20, 2018

Great old spanking drawings (Spanking Art Blog)

Well, as the adventure continues, I am exploring other sites in the spanking realm. However, as you can well imagine, the majority are men spanking women, followed by women spanking women, and then a few women spanking men.

One such find is Spanking Art Blog , which is not technically a blog at all. Most of the drawings are of man spanking woman, or woman spanking woman, but afew are not.

Is this a man or a woman being spanked?
Who are these women talking about? Who is about to be punished?
Men in older times as portrayed in the following drawing did have a lot of hair, as did I once upon a time, Is this a man or a woman about to be spanked.If you like older art work, then you might like to browse through this site. Friends like Hermione, Tiggr and Dante might enjoy it even more.

An example: Is this a women about to be switched, or is she simply showing her man how she wants him to be attired and placed for his switching.
“I long to share with you time and being in our world.
I like to see you change, see the expression on you’re face, the rest over you’re face..

I like to see the moving of you’re body..
I like the dance if you stand bend over a chair.
I like to see the changing in the tension of you’re body, the expectation before the next hit.
I long to see the smile on you’re face I we are together.
I even like you to call me “Jerk”

I like the grim on youre face as I tease you
I like to surprise you with changing the implement
I like to let you feel the cold of the metal of the shoespoon
I like to see you tremble under the cane

I love you
Long for you

Yours Magic”

One last drawing that says it all....
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dustymarbles said...

I think this last picture sums it up for all the spanks out there. Do what you can as quick as you can to get over HER knee.


"However, as you can well imagine, the majority are men spanking women, followed by women spanking women, and then a few women spanking men."

Yes, in comparison to M/f and F/f material available, there is a lack of quality F/m stuff out there. There is a female submissive, Pandora Blake, experimenting with trying to redress that balance, with an focus on producing material more pleasing to the female eye. If you want, you can check out the following post address to see what she is trying to do (I just put the address as I do not want to put links in other peoples comment boxes).


dustymarbles said...

You are so correct. You can spend days checking out blogs and there are just a couple worth bookmarking that cover F/m relationships. This site being the premier of the bunch. I am so glad they have returned from vacation, there was no where to go while they were gone. I can not imagine what it was like to live this life style before the internet. There was probably not much information available.

Danielle said...

If I interprete the woman's face and body-language in the second-last picture correct she doesn't seem the kind of person to be spanked, switched or whatever. Maybe a little hand spanking just for fun.

dwcmike said...

dustymarbles: Depends what implement she determines to use. Avoid the DWC Magnastrap whenever possible.

SPANKEDHORTIC: thanks for the info. I will look at it in the near future.

dustymarbles: Prior to my finding the DWC site, I was basically alone with my thoughts. Thanks again to Aunt Kay for opening up this world to me and Lynn.

Danielle: Upon reflection, I agree with your interpretation. Never disagree with a woman holding a switch.