Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You should have fun with spanking also!!!

I am a member of a yahoo group that has significant amounts of email everyday. This iste has a preponderance of women being spanked, either by another woman or by a man. Recently, a large quantity of the emails have been two or more young women posing and laughing while one is in a pretend spanking position, and the other is about to deliver a spank.

They are having fun.

So should we all.

Today, I was at work, and spoke with Lynn on the phone. I possibly was going for a haircut after work, but decided it wasn't needed yet. Lynn asked, and I responded, that I didn't need a haircut, all it needed was regular attention from a hair brush. Others were nearby, but did not bat an eye. You can have fun with spanking talk, and I hope enough of you purchase the bottoms up tea towel, so that they continue marketing it and maybe choose more colors. The current green is great in my opinion.

A short while ago, we were on vacation at an all-inclusive, and they had everyone up salsa dancing, going in circles, doing bunny hops, and similar ideas. You probably have done this before. Then the lady leading had all the men get on their hands and knees, and proceeded to have the ladies ride our backs across the floor, with the ladies spurring their charges along with spanks to the bottom. Lynn really got into it, and I was very surprised. Lynn has since had a short ride at home since we have been back. Spanking can be fun.

So, don't save spankings for only when someone is bad, use them and spanking code talk to increase your thrills as a couple.

bottoms up

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