Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Not quite what I had in mind

Time for me to publicize another EXCELLENT F/M spanking blog!I remind everyone that my blog does not condone or ever discuss the spanking of children. My blog is for consensual spanking only between adults.
It will be quite possible that I will highlight another blog, and it, obviously, might not follow my rules! Please send me a short reference link to a specific posting on another blog I have suggested, if it deals with spanking children. If so, I would check it out, and then remove the blog from my links.

It is a free blogger world, so you can find every type of blog you desire. I choose to only publicize ones that avoid BDSM, and the spanking of children.Many of you know of Recidavist's blog. It is very easy to publicize your blog! If you have a blog, simply start leaving comments on similar blogs to yours, and readers that are interested by your comment will click on your blogger name for more details, and will then see more about you, and any blogs that you have. Voila, Mesdames et Messieurs. Instant exposure.What I like about Recidavist is that his initial desire with spanking was as the spanker, spanking his partner. "Not quite what I had in mind" relates how he is in a spanking relationship, but on the other side of the hairbrsuh than originally hoped. Like I have learned, you can learn to appreicate being spanked, and admitting you were wrong, insteaad of steadfastly expressing that you are always right.His blog is worth visiting.   However,this post is from may 17, 2009 and the blog is long gone

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I've been visiting his blog for some time and enjoy it very much. He tends to write about specific incidents which lead to a spanking. Occasionally his spouse will post something from her viewpoint, which is always entertaining and informative. As you said, it's a blog worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

The fourth picture down is pretty much what I look like when she is finished, maybe a little redder.

The reaction is much the same too.


Hank's Sara said...

Thanks for the tip Mike. Great site. By the way while there checked out one of the sites that he reads called Spanked Husband. You might want to check it out.
Some excellent video of a wife reminding her husband who is in charge. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Great photo set. Is it from a video? If so, do you have the title and/or where it can be viewed or purchased? Thank you.

dwcmike said...

rob: both viewpoints is a real bonus on the blog.
lee: bottoms up
Sara: Too great a focus on panties, at least what I saw. not my cup of tea
Anon: no clue where it is from

Hermione said...

Mike - thanks for giving R a shout-out. I like his blog very much. He and K are both excellent writers.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are some very sexy pics! I love her feminine dress and lovely smooth looking legs.

She also appears to know how to wield a brush.

I like the corner time shot as well. Many women don't understand the need for that. After a solid spanking it is a good idea to put a man in the corner so everyone can compose their thoughts and calm down a bit. Especially if a love making session is going to follow.

Also, I think in real life most women don't really spank hard enough. They (women) also usually think we are bratting or doing things to get spanked so it is a difficult cycle to control. Catch 22. I would love to hear your thoughts on that as well as your readers, particularly the women's thoughts.

Great Blog

dwcmike said...

Hermione: I totally agree! I like his blog very much. He and K are both excellent writers.

Anon: Thanks for writing. The first step in having people answer questions like this is for you to get a blogger account, so that we can know more about you if you wish to share, and then others will share more with you. Everyone's willingness to share makes this blog work!


Anonymous said...

Joe, facing the wall, displaying a red bottom, been there many times.

Anonymous said...

Great site and thanks for he pics, the 4th one is a common position for me; my wife finds it as erotic as I, with an embarrassing erection that she loves to see.

Rick said...

Just a heads up. We enjoy your blog and we've added you to our list....Thanks, keep up the good work.
Our blog Link: http://www.spankthosebottoms.com/
If you have any questions you can contact us at: contact.us@spankthosebottoms.com
No need to publish this comment. 😎

Unknown said...

Hello Mike,
That Recidivist linkgoes to a home decorating site. Is there a more recent link? btw I just found your blog and I'm enjoying so far. I'll read more and comment soon.

Hermione said...

L O - Recidavist's blog went private some time ago, and was subsequently deleted. It looks like someone has picked up the URL and is using it.

dwcmike said...

Thanks Hermione and unknown. I have removed the link
bottoms up