Friday, July 14, 2017

Bill Ward Archives

Bill Ward was a fabulous artist, who created drawings and accompanying stories.
He passed away at the age of 79, in 1998.
I always enjoyed his humor,besides the gorgeous women, and the spanking scenes.

When you look at your own age, and how fast life has gone, remember to keep enjoying every day that passes.Many of us grew up with his mainstream art, and reveled at his none mainstream art. Any google search on his name will bring up a multitude of sites.I should first advertise the family version site: Bill Ward's official web site, that is run by his son. His drawings could be found in many humor magazines, postcards, and many other publications.
One that shows many of his adult themed drawings can be found at Bill Ward archive gallery. in the adult themed drawings, he always had exaggerated women's figures, of the most voluptuous nature, and rather over endowed males. He would draw any type of scenario, if it could find an audience.Enjoy visiting for a first time one of these sites, or remembering with fond thoughts a previos era.

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someone need to let the Ward people know that you can't buy tokens-- the link is down.