Thursday, July 20, 2017

the be careful spank in public

We have visitors for the next ten days, so spankings may be at a minimum, and my postings may be infrequent, except for musings.

The be careful spank in public:

It is thrilling when my wife and I have been out somewhere, and she has reacted to something with a swat to my behind. This happened a couple of months ago, before I was writing this blog, and we were both shocked by it. Fortunately(?), it was done in a place where we did not know anyone, and we think in such a way that nobody saw, but the fact that it was administered spontaneously shows our evolution. When I turned and stared, rather shocked, at my wife, only then did she realize what she had done. The spank had been an automatic reaction to an unwanted behaviour by me. My wife had administered the spank as a warning, without thinking of where we were. This demonstrates she is becoming much more comfortable with the idea of it being her right to discipline me when needed.

The progression from this spank has been the occasional pat on the bum when I kiss her before going out alone on messages, or officiating, or when she is going out somewhere. It is thrilling. The pats are a token of our love, and for me to be aware of what will happen if I do something really stupid to displease her.

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend has been spanking me in the privacy of the bedroom for a few years now. The first time she swatted me in public was shortly after she had started to spank me. At first I was not quite sure if she was really into spanking or if she was just doing it to humor me. Then one day while we were taking a morning stroll, I made a sarcastic remark which she did not appreciate. To my surprise, she at once gave me three or four firm swats on my bottom. A woman who was passing by smiled when she saw it.

The incident removed any doubt in my mind as to whether she was really into it, and since then she has swatted me in public a number of times. The time I most remember was on a train. We had been talking about spanking while waiting for the train to arrive, and the conversation seems to have excited her. When the train turned up, it was quite crowded, and we had to walk along the aisle looking for empty seats. She walked behind me and could not resist slapping my bottom in front of the other passengers. When we finally sat down, she said it was a pity she could not put me across her knee and spank my bare bottom right away. I don't know if the people in the next seat overheard, I didn't see their reaction as I carefully avoided eye contact. At the time I was embarrassed, but looking back I find it exciting.

Maybe it would be a good idea if all women who spank their partner in private were to make a habit of swatting them on their behind in public? It might help spread the idea that chastisement on the buttocks is an appropriate way for a woman to deal with an adult male.

dwcmike said...

sounds like a good plan... if everything else is compatible, you should marry this woman
bottoms up