Monday, July 31, 2017

husband tamer

The best spankings to receive, are when they are least expected. No time exists to prepare yourself, simply to bare yourself.

Lynn surprised me yesterday morning by stating we have something to talk about. She immediately sat on the bed, and requested me to get the husband tamer paddle.

We have never really used this paddle, so my wife asking me to retrieve it by name meant she had not only decided to spank me, but she had already planned how she was going to make her ideas known to me.

The pictures show that this is an effective spanking implement, which I was to have my first real taste of since purchasing it.

How did we come to purchase it: This I will save for a later post

The spanking was for a bottom still sore from the Saturday night bottom out bath brushing. Bare bottom, over the knees, no warmup, just correction. The sin: we had agreed on one Scotch and ice before dinner, and one wine bottle for dinner. At the table with the other couple, I asked if we should open a second bottle of wine when the first was finished. It was agreed not to, but at that point the die was cast. Lynn impressed upon my bottom that it was demeaning to discuss another bottle, that we had already agreed on the amount as considerate hosts for the other couple that would drive home later. Even though the answer was no more wine, I should never have asked. We also had one Drambuie with ice after dinner while looking at digital photos of our last vacation together.

The spanking was different, a totally different feel, catching both cheeks at the same time, and more stingy than the bath brush. Equally effective as many spanks rained down on my bottom.

Lynn had thought out this spanking, because when it stopped, she stated that it was my turn to please her. We cuddled, then proceeded to my slowly kissing all over her body. She eventually straddled my face, and I, while lying on my back, greedily licked and sucked her cunt, while fondling her ass and breasts. With a finger inside her pussy, and the other hand fondling her nipples, she had a very guttural and loud climax. When the throes of orgasm subsided, she lowered herself downwards lying on top of me, and guiding my prick into her cunt. We fucked and kissed, while she ground her vagina into me. My butt was sore, and this action increased the effect, and the orgasm that soon followed was tremendous....

Spankings followed by sex are fantastic. Problems are solved, and the makeup sex is fantastic.

Unfortunately, due to another fault one hour later, I was quickly bared and bent over, receiving ten quick strong spanks with the bath brush. that problem was then put behind us also. How significant was that problem? At the time of this writing, I cannot remember what it was for, but the problem was dealt with, and the remainder of the day was a continuance of our love affair.

bottoms up

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