Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Who can please who the most

No news on the spanking front. We had a bit of a downer day on Thursday, and got out of the funk by Friday evening. Last night when I got home from officiating, i asked if my wife might like to go out for a beer. She agreed, and said she would be ready in ten minutes. When she appeared, she was wearing the most revealing black top that she has ever worn out of the house. Thus, the title of this post. The beer and pizza were good, the sex at home later that night was great, and any maintenance spanking dealing with my nagging her about wearing sexier clothes would await another opportunity.

bottoms up


pepsie said...

Interesting how a previous nagging for a sexier appearance merited you a spanking but also seemed to induce a behavior change on your wifes part. Kinda neat. Hope you got my recent E-mail, a couple of weeks ago as I have had a system crash resulting in basically having to rebuild my box and reestablish all my contacts. Send me an E-mail sometime if you wish.

dwcmike said...

My wife has been working out at the gym for about four years now, and is looking fantastic. She is nearing her weight when first we met more than 35 years ago, but with flexibility and strength. I can attest to both, from when I am over her knee regarding the strength, and in her flexibility and mobility when making love.
Please feel free to add your comments here, or send me private emails.
bottoms up Mike

Anonymous said...

i find that when under stress at the office i come home in a terrible mood. she senses the situation quickly and orders me to go to the bathroom, disrobe, and wait for her. during this time i realise that my backside is going to get spanked hard and i get exited. in she comes holding her bath brush. she sits down on the toilet seat and orders me to get over her kneesi then given a spanking which soon has me crying and begging her to stop. by now i know these whippings will continue when i let my stressed condition prevail upon arriving home totally in such condition, it helps to cool off before entering our happy home.

dwcmike said...

anon: seems like your wife is proactive, which is wonderful for a happy helathy marriage... don't let stress create difficulties in your life.