Sunday, July 23, 2017


SPANKING (as inspired by Bonnie on her blog. I recommend it to all as a good read, but the reverse of my situation!) The first four letters were my own creation, but the last four definitely had the help of a dictionary....

S: Sudden slippering, swotting, slapping, smacking, strapping spankings supercede sitting softly.

P: Planning, preparation, presentation, paddle punishes posterior!

A: Affectionately, appropriately agonizing, attitude adjustment applied!

N: No nagging necessary, numerous noooo's needed!

K: Kindred, knowledgeable, Kafkaesque kerfuffle, karma, kowtow, kneeling, KAPOW, kindles keelhauled keister!

I: Interpreted initial ill-mannered impudent impropriety; immediately incurs interrogation. Impress ideal! Improvise imminent illumination. Impel intense inbound incendiary implement. Insufferable IMPACT!!! Intention: ignite inevitable, indelible, inflamed infrastructure.

N: Nabbed, naughtily, nefariously, navel-gazing nubile nude nymphets. Necessitates narration, nail-biting, no negotiation. Next! No-brainer! No namby-pamby! Naked! Nestled! Nine nettles, nipping, nibbling napalming nether-regions.

G: Glimpse going-ons gamble. Gall! Glance. Goddess gleans germanely, glacially gage. Greeting. Gotcha! Glare, glower, grasp! Grimace! Grounding! Grovel! Guff. Guilty! Gulp! Gloom! GONER! Guidance: genuflect genuinely. Goal: give golden gusty going-over. Glorious great gifts, generate gradual grandiose glistening gluteus glow, groans, gasps, gabble!! Gratitude!


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