Wednesday, May 23, 2018

stress relief

Post from Aug 21, 2008
Yesterday, had us stressing over certain things in our life, and, in my opinion,Lynn was really stressing out, until I could not cause her to calm down. I, unfortunately, then responded badly from the stress, which really brought things to a head, or should I say bottom.

Lynn left the room, and returned with the BODY SHOP bath brush. It was bend over the couch, bare bottomed for about ten hard spanks. It solved the problem,a nd once again we were able to talk reasonably. The stress is not solved, but at least it is back under control, I think. Lynn keeps stressing however, and I may be needed to bare my bottom again today, solely to relieve her stress.

Later yesterday, we were much more relaxed, and thus became amorous in the afternoon. I suggested to Lynn, however, that she really should use the cane, if ever I blurted out badly. i suggested we could use it now, and she agreed. I know that this is somewhat (or a lot) of topping from the bottom, but we need to keep lessening the stress. Lynn did six strokes with the 'hollerin hollow' ,with me bending over and supporting myself with my hands on my thighs. When the six were done, I stated that those last two I really felt, and Lynn decided that we should re-visit the first four. Thus, four more strokes were given.

Lynn is learning to make the cane strokes felt, but many times shies away from making them strong. I thanked Lynn for the spanking, told her I loved her, we cuddled, caressed, and had fantastic sex that afternoon.

Spanking solved the problems for the day, and gave us great climaxes and affection.
I certainly don't understand spankings without sex as being the normal state of affairs for some couples. Spanking releases our latent inhibitions, is effective in diminshing problems, and ourselves to enjoy sexual activity to the fullest.

Without spanking, we probably would have been cold towards each other for days, as happened sometimes in the past, before we moved into both play and discipline spankings.

To each there own!!! Enjoy life...

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spanking stars

Mooska's tribute to spanking stars
( originally posted on August 8, 2009 )

I thought I would do an easy post, as time is of limited availability at the moment.

Julia Jameson
Joanne Jameson
Jennifer BrooksBottoms up

Monday, May 21, 2018

comparison of brushes

The following was sent to me by G.S.

Hi Mike,

You wrote: "Lynn, this time chose the "Body Shop' bath brush, which is definitely more lethal than the normal bath brush from the Vermont Country Store. I must take a picture of both one day, to show you the difference."

I enjoy your blog spanked hubby very much, so I thought I might make a contribution in return. Here's a photo of the two excellent brushes in question. I don't believe that The Body Shop is stocking their brush anymore, at least not in the USA and not on their website. The lower brush is indeed a genuine Body Shop model; their logo is on the other side.

Keep up the great work!

All the best,
Thanks G S. The Body Shop BathBrush you show is slightly different from ours, in that the writing does not exist, and it is slightly more round. I love the writing (tongue in cheek) of assert your independence.... this certainly happens when Lynn is using this brush. She does assert herself!!!!
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Continued help

Seems I am getting back to a more personal level, relating our spanking activities. Yesterday brought another significant spanking, that helped both of us.

Lynn was dressed up for our going out to dinner and a movie, wearing a skirt, and blouse, with leather shoes.

I was getting ready, when she brought the spanking chair into the bedroom. She had a smile on her face, and announced it was time for my spanking. I thought we were going out soon, but she felt other items needed attention first. This might be a first of her bringing the spanking chair into the bedroom. Normally, she either requests I retrieve it, or has me accompany her to it, while she carries a spanking implement. She announced that she even has shoes on to have the proper elevation when I am over her knee.

What followed was as usual, in that she sat on the chair, and I was bare bottomed over her knee. A strong dose of the Vermont country bath brush ensued, followed by a pause as the reason for the spanking was explained (a small lecture about we have to lessen our stress, and that this will help get us back on track), and then another significant amount of hard spanks followed. No pattern of spanks occurred. Sometimes, if a pattern emerges, the spankee could lessen their effect by anticipating the next spank and relaxing one cheek. Without a pattern, one has to surrender to simply accepting the spankings beneficial caresses.

I am getting much better at letting go, such that I no longer count spanks to hide form their effects, nor do I try to remain stoic.

Lynn has improved even mope than I have, because she delivers as many spanks as hard as she determines, not being swayed by my reactions. Knowing that I endured an survived the spanking session with Laurie and James, has lead to the revelation that she can pretty well spank as hard as she wants, as long as she wants, and I will survive, albeit with a very sore, bright red bottom.

When the spanking ended, I thanked Lynn for the spanking. I was then permitted to get dressed, and we went out for dinner and a movie. I certainly felt the soreness in my bottom, while we sat at dinner, and whenever I shifted around in the seat at the movie theatre.

The love making later that night was wonderful. For both of our benefit, the spankings may continue frequently until a totally happy, stress free and calm sea prevails.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

as requested

Some women readers have expressed the wish to see men's reddened bottoms.Satisfying both groups at the same time is possible. (those wishing to see a woman spanking a man, and those wishing to see the effects)Unfortunately, some sites simply use photoshop to create a reddened bottom...

oh well,
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Black and White today

Not really any time to post at this time, so thought I would just post a few photos. bottoms upMike

Friday, May 11, 2018

swift solution, but didn't last

We have not had any spanking in our life recently, except for play spanks. Today, marked a return to more on the spot spankings whenever Lynn is annoyed.

We are still trying to arrange a vacation, but various complications kept evolving. Thus, no decision has been made, and we keep mulling over possibilities.

My overreacting, or as Lynn might say, picky and complaining type attitude, had her retrieve the body shop bath brush, and requesting I bend over at the waist, immediately in the bathroom.

Lynn then proceeded to significantly spank my bare bottom, simply concentrating on a small area of both cheeks. That thing hurts.

I don't verbalize my reactions, which is something I have to learn to do, but I looked in the mirror a few times and was amazed at my significant facial reactions of pain when a spank landed. I had always believed Iwas quite stoic, but this truly altered that opinion I had. Lynn must have done about twenty spanks, with excellent arm swing at my bottom, when she asked if i was learning, which I immediately agred with. This did not, however, mean that she had finished teaching the lesson.

She spanked away again, with easily as many spanks if not most certainly more, and I did NOT try to count. When she stopped, i thanked her. My bottom had a circular red area on both cheeks, about double the size or more of the round 'body shop bath brush' on each cheek.

My bottom stayed warm for most of the afternoon, and still showed red a few hours after the spanking.

We, unfortunatley had a melt down later that evening, and will have to discuss it later today. I am extremely stressed by events at the moment, as is Lynn. Maybe spankings will help solve the problems, or at least, put any problems in perspective.

It is absolutely amazing, but more importantly stupid, that we are retired, and our to do list is overwhelming....
The two photos show the position, but both implements look tame besides the body shop bath brush.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

spankings don't always work

The concept is that you might be able to spank away your troubles, but that is really a fantasy. Spankings help solve small problems. They may reduce stress, if you are somewhat stressed. They won't relieve massive stress, nor depression. They might even mask deeper problems.

Suffice to say, I have been stressed for a significant amount of time (maybe a month or so). So has Lynn. (Lynn has been stressed off and on for the last couple of years) We do it to ourselves. Writing this is also stress relieving, to some extent, thus I will continue, at a later date.

Lynn spanked me a few days ago, for various reasons. She decided that I should choose the implements, but wanted one leather, one plastic, and one wooden. This resulted in the bath brush, the leather fingered strap, and the cane.

The spanking was very effective, but the stress remains for both of us...

Thus, we are going on a vacation, and I will take a few weeks break from this blog... We don't have a laptop, so I cannot post from wherever we will be.... La Jolla is one destination, however, i hear the water is very rough...

Hopefully, the beach will be full with people of all ages, but a few cuties in bikinis or less is always fun viewing. I may get older, but I am not dead quite yet...

A task for my readers...
search out other blogs, yahoo groups, google groups, that might write interesting things for evey one to read.
If you simply want pictures of men being spanked, then join
or read about it at From this blog, you can see lots of pictures and short videos...

keep smiling

We will be soon..

Monday, May 07, 2018

reaching out to other couples..

I received this letter this week, and thought I would use it immediately. It is very similar to many couples, as they take tentative slow, but safe steps, into meeting other couples who share a similar DWC lifestyle. I have added a comment into the letter in RED.
************* Norman Wrote:
This is my personal email address. Given the nature of our lifestyles and the caution I see advised to others on your blog, I feel I can trust you to use it with the needed discretion. " MIKE states emphatically":This is FOOLISH. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW your real name and email address. Please create another email address, and then send all email through it... for YOUR safety.

Norman continues:
We are both in our forties and have been married over 20 years. My wife is in a management position at a software company, and I am in the automotive industry. We are both reasonably fit with children still at home.

We have been experimenting with spanking for much of our married life, but only for the last 5 years or so been practicing a dwc lifestyle.

  • Weekly maintenance sessions occur each weekend. These are usually fairly firm reminders of what is expected in our relationship and household.
  • At least once a month disrespect, or accumulated negligence, turns one of these sessions into a harsher (and more memorable) disciplinary session.
  • More extreme disrespect is dealt with the day it happens, most often with a cane.

We are an extremely happy couple, passionately in love and both feeling blessed to be with the other. Thanks to this aspect of our life, it is difficult to even remember the last time we had any kind of major fight. .Our relationship is based around acceptance and mutual respect.

Our yearning to connect with others stems from a recent trip to NYC where we worked up the courage to visit "Paddles". This was the first time (other than once renting a "bed and dungeon" for a night) that we took our relationship outside of our home. We both found the opportunity to be open and speak with others about our dwc relationship to be extremely liberating and rewarding.

Thus we would welcome a venue to meet with others in our area. And as I stated earlier, the only groups we have been able to get leads on in our region are more bdsm focused.
The group you mentioned privately would definitely be of interest to us....can you define a bit more of their activities or mission statement?
You are welcome to use our story on your blog, but I would ask to view what you are posting prior to you posting it please.

You can call us Norman and Beth.
Norman and Beth: I did not send back the information before publishing. That would be a large amount of extra work. What I have done is removed or altered any information that would identify you, as your jobs have suddenly changed. No need to ever say to anyone what fields you both work in, until you are talking privately.

One recommendation that I make to everyone, is to comment on the blog about what you read, and also about spankings that you have recently been given. This benefits the blog, because as more people add the same type of spanking activities, more and more people can become comfortable with spanking.

If you create a fictitious blogger account, then you can give a little more detail about yourselves, and a email address attached to the blogger account (it is necessary) would then allow others to reach out to you. BE CAREFUL! What someone states in emails, and what is reality in their life, can be totally different.

Our Experience: Before meeting James and Laurie, we communicated by email for quite some time, and joined a group they were in... Thus, we got to know a lot more about them, prior to ever deciding to meet.

Thus Beth and Norman: I will forward this to our friends, and as they see entries from you on the blog, they may contact you to join this small select group.
BUT, there are groups everywhere, and reaching out, is always good. Traveling allows for more anonymity, but with small children, that is very difficult. Good luck to you both. If other couples want to try writing to me, I can see what I can do to help, but I am not that 'with it' in terms of groups.

thanks for writing, and I hope I will have helped a little. I hope Beth knows about your writing, prior to your writing. If she didn't, then I hope she gives you the hottest bottom roasting in a long time for having exposed your real email to someone you know nothing about! [even if the end result is positive]

bottoms up

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Time to experiment

I am certain many of you have visited many other blogs. Their format is a big improvement over previous years. (that is, the format of this blog).

If you look at My Dirty Little Secret you will see amazing things, besides interesting reading. Being able to add a play list of interesting music, and a photo shoot in effect of pictures of Bettie Page among other things makes it simply amazing.

Best I get off my duff, and start learning. Blogger promises that when you update to the new format, the old format will stil be retrievable, if necessary.

Thus, in the next while, I will try to devote time to changing the look of the blog... As I go along, feel free to add suggestions.

I hope I will not be spanking myself for attempting these changes.

The beautiful women are always more attractive to look at than males.

bottoms up

Thursday, May 03, 2018

implements to purchase

I do not remember if I posted about this implement. It was brought to mind, when reading on a group I belong to 'women in charge'. I have changed the name of the group. slightly. One wife stated how she had used it on her husband.

I found it in one of the ticky tacky beach shops you may find at any beach resort in North America. It was something I saw when younger, and comes with many different phrases. Obviously, it has another for wife tamer, and another with the saying something like " the cute little deer with the bear behind"

The difficult (fun?) part of purchasing it was Lynn saying if you want to buy it, then you have to go back and purchase it yourself... I had tried to convince her to purchase it, but to no avail.

Thus, with two women working in the store, it required the foolish discussion of purchasing for a friend that was getting married. They didn't believe it for a second... Oh well!
These come many times with the name of the recreation area you are visiting, like La Jolla, so I have whited out the name.

The paddle is not very thick, but does pack quite a sting, and the arc needed for it to be flush on your bottom, means it is travelling very quickly at impact.

What fun implements have you found at beach resorts?
bottoms up

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

old postcards

I wish that I had purchased these type postcards when they were available, but they disappeared from stores many years ago... Somehow, a more progressive free love society, but hide away spanking...

The first one is really cute, and can tolerate a little discussion. Is spanking something that comes naturally for the spanker, or does the spanker learn better techniques and effectiveness over time?
To me, when I see a photo of a spanker holding the hairbrush high above their head about to deliver a spank, I feel the force of the spank about to come, and the power of the woman.
I believe that their are tricks to the trade, so to speak, and that a spanker can learn from others, much like any other facet in life.The idea of raising the hand above the shoulder, then thundering it down, has the concept of using your power, and speed increases strength when contact occurs. After seeing Laurie hand spank me a short amount, Lynn has definitely changed her hand spankings to be far more effective. Exactly how, I am uncertain, but I can attest to a stronger spanking whenever the hand is used, even if only to start.
The only negative is that the postcards always talked about bad boys, and I prefer all mention on this blog to be of men. However, this was always the terminology in the past, and mostly referred to men misbehaving like children.
Lynn has changed in that she abhorred that terminology when we first started marital spanking, but now occasionally uses it in a playful way at times.

Would you like to comment.
Can a spanker improve their effectiveness by reading spanking sites for ideas, watching spanking videos, and other places like watching another woman spank a man, or attending a spankfest like Shadowlane?

bottoms up

Friday, April 13, 2018

book of the day

I found this on another site, a while ago, and unfortunately forget from whence it came. Most of the entries were men or women spanking women. This one I thought you might enjoy.

bottoms up

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

picture perfect

Thought I would just post a few photos for today.I ENJOY PICTURES, WHERE women appear to be very happy with the task of spanking different men
It IS definitely excellent aerobic exercise for the women :-)They ARE happy, meticulous, and very thorough
  spankings  not over the knee.
bottoms up

Monday, April 09, 2018

2 million hits and counting

This was a post from Apr 15, 2009

So many interested people, so long ago...
I somehow missed this little fact, as I have been very busy over the last while.

This blog, for better or worse, has had more than 2 million visits. (Somewhat more than that, because I did not start the counter for a month or two after starting the blog)

Many have come, looked for one second, and disappeared into the ether. .

Others have come, enjoyed what they read and seen, and become friends.

Your feedback, whether positive or negative, has helped keep me interested in creating this blog.

Your feedback about your lifestyle (everyone's is different) helps enhance and affirm a version of the lifestyle. I try to make this blog such that you can imagine yourself as either the spanker or the spankee, no matter what gender you are, and no matter what gender the other participant is. My typing is not great, and thus it takes time to compose each posting.

I am extremely happy that readers whose first language is not English, or who are not simply fluent and comfortable in writing in English, choose to share their experiences.

We are so fortunate to live in a society where we make the laws, not laws simply passed down from whatever God eons ago. Romans used to like to declare themselves gods, as did kings of many lands.

We are extremely lucky to have the INTERNET, such that we can reach out and find other people with similar ideas as ours, and thus affirm that we are not totally irrational. (well, maybe you are sane, but I am not so certain of myself some days :-)

I am extremely fortunate to have a spell checker, to correct my errors mostly caused by mistakes in typing.

May you frequent this blog whenever you like,

may you live long and prosper (Spock),

may you have a sense of humor to get through the day,

may good fortune come your way and stay with you forever...

bottoms up

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Fuller Brush Company

Some original older cartoons sometimes used the travelling saleswoman, who would demonstrate how to use Acme brushes. This was, at least in my imagination, a take off from the Fuller Brush salesman. . Thus, I thought a walk down memory lane would take us today to the fuller brush company, and it's current products.Heritage Hair Care!
Only from Fuller Brush come heirloom-quality hairbrushes with natural beauty and superior performance delivered by these elegantly traditional styles. The Beechwood used in this hairbrush was selected for its beauty and durability. The natural boar bristles distribute your natural hair oils for an all-over silky luster.

If you want to look at the hair brushes, here is the link.

Any spanking with a hairbrush, by a determined woman, can be extremely effective. Lynn's use of our small hairbrush recently was very effective.

bottoms up

Thursday, April 05, 2018

reasons why OTK Spankings are great

Not certain if I have posted this before, but it seems like fun for today. If I have posted it before, then maybe one of my researchers :-) will let me know when.
Age has it's own rewards, thus I get to enjoy this again.

Reasons Why OTK Spankings are Great

First, they are good for your health.
* The spanker gets a good workout chasing an errant partner, dragging them to the chair, holding then in place despite their struggles, and of course the effort of a truly good spanking.
* For the spankee, the effort of running, struggling, and of course all that kicking and waving arms around. Better than Aerobics!
* Spankees spend more time standing, even dancing frantically. Much healthier activity than sitting. Perhaps we can teach the spankaerobics in gyms? Worlds more fun than step, and way more action than yoga.
* Spanking is great for the circulation. First all the blood rushes to the head as the spankee is positioned over the knee. Then when the spanking begins the blood rushes to the bottom. Soon the face is red with crying and yelling, the heart rate jumps as arms and legs wave and kick. By the end the heart has had an excellent workout.Again, roll on spankaerobics. (And I intend to patent that. But you can all buy shares.)

* Asthmatics are often told to take up swimming to improve lung capacity. Think of the wonderful benefits of a spanking, plenty of exercise and a good workout for the lungs too, but without all the time spent getting to the pool, changing clothes, drying off, etc.
* Along the same lines, think of aspiring singers. Spankees often hit notes that Opera singers can only dream about. And sustain them for amazingly long periods. The opportunity is there for a truly effective training program. And there is that improvement in lung capacity again. All that has to pay off.

* Mental agility is improved too. Trying to think up excuses that will work to avoid a spanking, looking for hiding places for contraband, trying to find a loophole in the rules, all keep a spankee alert. And of course the spanker is playing the other side; watching, checking, continually on his toes. That sort of thinking keeps you young.
Secondly, they help you save money.
* Less wear and tear on the furniture. After all, the two of you use only one chair. And afterwards the spankee doesn't sit at all for a while.

* You can examine the carpet for marks and stains while you're down there. Might find a lost earring or a few coins too, if you check around.
* It's a cheap hobby. No equipment at all is required, just a place for the spanker to sit. If she decides to go beyond a hand spanking many appropriate implements are lying around the house, just begging to be used. Much cheaper than the expense of buying golf clubs, scuba gear or electric trains.
* Spankers often find that giving a spanking to that hot little red bottom, which is doing all that wriggling on his lap, has a somewhat arousing effect. Just a bit. Think of the savings on Viagra. Although, it may be interesting trying to fill the prescription.
Thirdly, they can add excitement to your life.
* Just imagine you are going to the most boring party on earth. As you arrive your partner whispers in your ear, "Behave yourself tonight or I'll be warming that naughty little bottom of yours when we get home."
Instantly your mind is alert. Just how far can you push? You know you're being watched all the time. You flirt, you tease, always keeping one eye open. And then it happens, the whisper, "Right Young Man, that's enough. You'll be in the corner as soon as we get home. I want to see that naughty bottom of yours on display. And then you're going over my knee and I'm spanking you until you are one sorry young man."
The rest of the party passes in a blur of thrills and chills, terrified anticipation and shivery excitement. Definitely not dull.
* A simple shopping trip becomes a roller coaster of thrills. Do I buy it? Can I afford it? Will she find out?
* As you walk around the house, just seeing a hairbrush lying on the dresser or a wooden spoon in a kitchen drawer can bring a little tingle in the tummy, or a bit lower down. Your own home is more exciting than an amusement park.
And the best of all:
* A good spanking often leads to an extended session of rumpy-pumpy. And if you need me to tell you why that's a good thing, you're doing it wrong!
So, ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.
bottoms up