Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grouchiness methodically spanked away, love making just as thorough

Monday, Oct 24

Last night(saturday), all grumpiness was completely spanked out of my mind and body.

Lynn put on a sexy one piece black leather outfit, that narrows into a thong. She looked fantastic, and actually agreed for me to take a few pictures of her holding the bath brush.

Although we took the pictures in the bedroom, we walked downstairs to the main floor for the spanking. We used the front room adjacent to the front door, and I am beginning to worry that the length of the spanking, the sound of the spanks, my howls, and the lecture occurring during the spanking could actually easily be heard if anyone came to the front door. Do I really want the neighbors to know our secrets? [definitely not]

Lynn's back is almost better, but to protect any strain caused by having me over her lap, I was once again positioned kneeling on the couch, with my bottom positioned outward to meet the bath brush.

Lynn agreed with my suggestion to take a before and after photo, which if edited a little, I might post.

The spanking was the hardest I have ever received. [My spankings when I was a young boy always brought tears, but they were nowhere as strong or as many as the present. When you are a young boy, the baring of your bottom and the spanks overwhelm you easily] {Aside again: we have never spanked our children, and do not advocate spanking children - our youngest is now in his 20's}

The spanks just seemed to keep coming, and at times owwwwwsss escaped from my throat. [I know I need to be less stoic when spanked, and I will have to work on that.] The spanking alternated from cheek to cheek, the fire in my bottom blazed, and as my owwwwws increased the spanks lessened a little for three or four spanks, but then picked up strength again. {almost like these hurricanes going over land, but then reviving themself over water.}

One would think that Lynn standing to one side, and swinging the bath brush would be sufficient, but at one point she stopped, maybe after forty spanks. Lynn stated that she was not finished. I was not to move. She was taking a short rest. The fire really came out in my bottom during that rest, which only consumed maybe forty five seconds, and then the spanking resumed with vigor. This renewed assault really started my owwwws and ouchss. The spanking included a flurry for a finish, and then a few more even stronger wallops while being informed that if I had not lost my grumpiness with this spanking, then I would be spanked again that evening, even if it took another two separate spankings, of greater intensity, to accomplish the task.

My wife took two after photos, and then we retreated to the bedroom. Their we first cuddled, necked, and progressed to my kissing and nibbling on her breasts, before moving to her vagina. I thoroughly enjoy licking and sucking her entire pussy, but then she demanded time to suck and lick my prick. I eventually returned to her vagina, where with one finger inside and my mouth and tongue working feverishly, she had a terrific orgasm. When it subsided, she rolled over on her stomach, and I entered her from behind. She closed her legs, and with my legs straddling her, we fucked blissfully while I nibbled on her neck, until I had an enormous climax.

Four hours later, when going to bed, Lynn remarked on how red my bottom still was. When we awoke the next morning, their was still a significant blush over my entire bottom. Their still remains one red streak on the far side of my right bottom at the present writing, because with her standing on my left, this portion received the strongest strokes. [ physics- the bath brush travelled the farthest distance, achieving the greatest speed before impact.]

When we once again cuddled after making love, all grumpiness had truly disappeared, and has not in the slightest reappeared since then.

Significantly, the bath rush now remains on her dresser in our bedroom. We do not have guests visiting our bedroom, but the brush has obviously never been used in a bath, so it's purpose on her dresser does beg the question as to why it is there?

Lastly, I hope Will allows Janeen the pleasure of a thorough bath brushing in this position, especially since she has suggested the position to me. It is truly memorable. I am sitting typing this on Monday, and easily still feel the sore bottom.

bottoms up, or in this case bottoms out


Janeen said...

Hey now! Not exactly sure about the bath brush in that position. LOL!

I'm sure the time will come that I do feel it, and when I do I will tell you all about it, and probably post pictures. ;)

Very nice post by the way.

dwcmike said...

Janeen: you will learn to love it, and I look forward to the pictures.
bottoms out

John said...

Very nice post. And of course we would like to see the pictures. I am sure your punishments are as you describe them, but as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." ;)

dwcmike said...

John, I saved a thousand words.
Add a few words of your own situation when you have time.

Anonymous said...

Know how the bath brush feels and trust me sex does not happen. Recently I was reminded, stepping out of the shower she stood holding the bath brush and I felt it sting my bottom as I was taken to the kitchen. Once she was done, I stood facing the wall, she was finishing reading the paper. The reason, I got caught looking at porn on the computer. Jack

dwcmike said...

Jack; Some spankings are for discipline, and thus no sex,, but some are for discipline, of a less serious nature, and lead to fabulous sex. Best cut down your porn habit.
bottoms up