Sunday, July 30, 2017

purchasing the husband tamer

I was browsing a beach shop in L.A. with my wife, and I saw a variety of paddles with titles of this nature. Other titles include wife tamer, and 'for the cute little dear(deer) with the bare(bear) behind', and similar appropriate sayings.

I quietly showed it to my wife, and after leaving the store, I asked if she would go back and buy it. She could pass it off as a joke present for her husband. She responded that if I wanted the paddle, I should go and buy it. I did go back and buy it, but it was very embarrassing as one older saleslady showed it to the other sales lady nearby, and they both chuckled. I made a lame comment about it being a funny present for a friend, and they nodded and stated 'sure'. Lynn and I had been the only ones in the store a little while earlier, and I had come back about 30 minutes later to purchase only this item. My explanation was obviously untrue. [I paid cash, I would not want them to know my name with a credit card]

Have you ever purchased one of these type paddles in obviously not a adult themed store? What did you say when purchasing it? Does my experience encourage you to buy one? If ever I did buy another, I would quite openly state that it helps solve marital problems sometimes, and we don't seem to have one with us on this vacation. I might even do this just for the reaction of the sales woman.

Previously, I have purchased a few paddles, but have come to know the sales people, and kink is their main raison d'etre. All other spanking instruments have been bought through the mail.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The husband tamer in this household is the large hairbrush my wife got as a wedding present from her mother. She decided during our days of dating a spanking was what I needed. On our honeymoon I felt the sting of the hairbrush, she applied it soon after arriving at our hotel. She said she wanted to try it out and also to let me know the spankings will continue. Jack

dwcmike said...

Jack: a bath brush is certainly a husband tamer, and best to start ASAP after being married, but better yet before being married, so no surprises.
bottoms up