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spanking communication

Hi: (Oct 12, 2005)
Just a quick post. I am now trying to respond to each comment, besides deleting spam. I am slowly going back to all comments, as though they were just entered. This is the friendliest method of encouraging discussion about the dark side of spanking ---- that is--- the woman spanks the male.... A very difficult idea for some to consider...

Most important reason for haste, however, is that my wife stated she was going to give me the spanking caused by my drinking....but she had to go out to a friend's house... thus the spanking will occur when she gets back, or later this evening,,

As Bonnie states on her website : No spanking is worse than living with guilt. Hopefully I can lessen the drinking, which is not out of control, but just more than is necessary.

We may afterwards discuss having a spanking contract... More on this later

bottoms up


Bonnie said...


I guess I did say that, didn't I? :)

dwcmike said...

I will have to elaborate more in future posts. Our spanking is becoming a true DWC relationship.
Being spanked for drinking is not a bargaining chip to get a spanking. Briefly, if the spanking needs to be repeated and repeated, then it is NOT effective.
Thus, 2, 3 or 4 harder spankings [not play], would either have the drinking within extremely reasonable limits, or we would stop using spanking as discipline.
Their are many levels of spankings, from play, to on the spot, to maintainence, to prevention/warning, to punishment.
More about this later.
bottoms up Mike

dwcmike said...

Yes you did say that, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog once I found it. I have even tried a variation off of your use of the 8 letters of spanking. I will post it later..
bottoms up for both of us

Janeen said...

Hi, I just found your blog and haven't had a chance to read all the posts, but I was wondering; have you ever gotten a spanking that brought you to tears?

If not, is that something you would or would not want?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I would so enjoy hearing a man's (as the spankee) perspective on spankings.

Nice blog keep up the good work.

dwcmike said...

The only spankings that have brought me to tears were when I was a young boy at home.
I would be willing to be brought to tears, if my wife wanted the spanking to be that intense. We have not progressed to that stage yet, but the spankings are much more intense than even 3 months ago, as my wife becomes more and more comfortable with her role in our spanking relationship.
I do have a few tears in sentimental movies, even when I am watching the movie for the fifth time.
I enjoy reading your blog also, and will be reading all of it in the near future.

We have,in common, the fact that we are the spankee, and much of what happens we have no control over.
happy bottoms up

Bonnie said...

I was about to comment about the quote, but it seems that I already did. I know you've not really been gone, but it seems that way. So welcome back, Mike!