Thursday, August 10, 2017

Male Submission in advertisements

I thought I would post a few pictures just for your amusement, or titillation.
Let your imagination GUESS what is being sold in this advertisement.
No matter what age you might be, if you are alive, these Jordache jeans look great!
Have a fun weekend
bottoms up



Hermione said...

Those are gorgeous jeans! I love the pictures. Jeans are getting prettier all the time.


DWC Jim said...

Love those Jordache jeans!

dwcmike said...

Hermione: as long as they are pictures of women wearing them.
Dwc Jim: totally agree in this particular case

Nici said...

Those old school Jordache jeans are fantastic. I need to find a pair.

While on the topic of fashion, for anyone who may be interested, I just launched my blog. It'll be heavy on the fetish fashion side as that's a passion of mine but I expect to include content & pics that'll be of interest to the many readers of this great blog (as you may be able to tell by my blog's name).

Stop by & say hi.


dwcmike said...

Nici: thanks for the address of your blog. I posted it today for all my readers.