Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Cane

At my suggestion, my wife is experimenting with one of two nylon canes that we own. [purchased from the DWC website]

The description of the cane that we are using is as follows: "The Buggy Whip is 28" long, thin, and extremely flexible. The exceptional flexibility of this cane makes it a very interesting implement. The cane flexes on your back swing and just leaps forward as you deliver the stroke. With a little practice you will become very comfortable using this cane and you will enjoy the drama of it's swishy-flexy motion as it rushes toward its waiting target."

Why are we using this? With our son back at home today, we do not want a repeat of the grumpy attitude that I developed during the past month. Without the easy opportunity of being spanked, the attitude did not improve. Thus, an effective little session with the cane can be done in our upstairs bathroom, in less than a minute.

My wife agreed that another spanking was needed, and she took charge as we entered the bedroom. I was informed to retrieve the cane, and disrobe from the waist down. She requested that I kneel on our bed, with three pillows in front of me to place my arms on. She first moved the cane up and down my bottom, giving me a feel of the cane, maybe steading her resolve, and increasing both of our anticipation of what was about to occur.

Lynn administered 12 strokes of the cane, with a few seconds between each stroke. One difference of the bath brush to the cane is that the bite is more severe, and you can feel it burn. The seconds between allows the burn to become more intense, without becoming numb. A few strokes were with some force, but many were not. The strokes with strength hurt significantly, and definitely focus your attention.

This will need practice, as Lynn is reluctant to spank solidly, and in many ways I am grateful for this. She has absolutely no reluctance to spank as hard as she wants with the bath brush, and my bottom has been red the day later. However, with the cane, there were no marks when Lynn had finished the spanking, but a burning sensation did still last for most of the day.

Eventually, Lynn will probably be comfortable leaving red stripes, and both I and my bottom will be very sorry.

However, this was an excellent start to having a readily available solution to a problem if it is needed.

I thanked her for the spanking, and the love making that followed was tremendous. After xx years of marriage, we are more adventurous and amorous than ever before. We started by kissing, which lead to me moving lower sucking and kissing Lynn's breasts and paying special attention to her nipples, and then moving lower to her vagina. When Lynn was on the verge of orgasm, we stopped to attempt to mimic the accompanying position. Due to her having immensely increased her flexibility by taking aerobatic and yoga exercises at the gym, this position was easily accomplished, and enthusiastically used. I could not reach around to fondle her clit, but we both had a wonderful time, and I had a mind blowing orgasm. We then returned to my going down orally on my wife, and the taste of some of my cum mixed with her juices was great, and her almost immediate orgasm was fantastic.

This loving experience was followed later in the evening with a lobster dinner and white wine, which put a perfect ending to a wonderfully loving day. The spanking had forgiven specific sins, and been a prelude to fantastic sex, and a great evening.

Since that night, I have had two more visits( separate occasions) by the cane, which I will describe in the next couple of posts. [when availability of the computer alone occurs]

For extra ideas in sexually enjoying each other, we strongly recommend Cosmopolitan's "The Cosmo Kama Sutra - 77 mind-blowing sex positions". Buy it for your lover for Valentine's day, neither of you will regret it. This photo came from page 59 I believe, and they describe hold to achieve the position,and the relative difficulty, and the :> rewards :>

The items purchased from DWc are no longer avaialbe, as this post comes from 2006.
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