Tuesday, August 01, 2017

the disciplinarian

In using stats counter, it shows how visitors arrive at your blog site. I recently saw a significant amount were coming from http://disciplinarian.blogspot.com/, so I went to see what connection we might have.

One quote from the site:

"The idea behind Domestic Discipline is to administer punishment when it is needed - then make up and forget the whole incident. In this way, every disagreement is effectively closed before it has time to grow into a much more serious problem. Domestic Discipline is a way of getting life and ourselves back in harmony with each other."

The site is written by Nikki, and I found it very informative in many of the aspects she chooses to write about. Nikki spanks her male partner (D), whenever it is needed.

However, the focus of her site is not to detail the spankings, but to detail the thoughts involved in a domestic discipline situation. The site has guidelines which we mostly agree with, and possibly some ideas worth reading and discussing with your mate.

I recommend that after reading a few posts, you then start from when the site was started, and work forward to the present.

Let Nikki and I know what you think of the site.

an interesting site to visit, but it stopped posting in 2006. However, still useful advice
bottoms up

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hooty said...

I just read the entire blog from start to finish. I think it's absolutely wonderful. (I suppose it shouldn't have made my pants wet, but it did.)

I'm going to read her husband's blog next. (The link is on her blog.)