Friday, July 21, 2017

munch reminder

Before going to the previously mentioned munch, my wife followed through on her reminder of who loved me, who was my partner, and also my lover and best friend.

The bathbrush was used, in the familiar method of my being bare bottomed over her knee. The spanking was quick, but vigorously applied, leaving a lasting impression. I was reminded that my bottom was solely for my wife, but more than that all of me, and that I could look during the munch but not touch. Having received a maintenance spanking the previous day, this spanking made a real impression.

During the munch, I constantly felt the reminder spanking while I sat listening to the discussion.

When I returned home later that evening, we made passionate love.

Whether the spankings continue, or become less often, I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful, beautiful wife that I love immensely and entirely, and who loves me.


bottoms up


pepsie said...

Will your wife be packing your spanking tools when you go on vacation? My wife, after our last vacation, stated that in the future she would be taking along a strap and a leather paddle. She said she will have no tolerance for any rudeness directed toward service people, waitress, hotel personal etc. She also made certain that I knew that these two pieces would always on display in our hotel or motel rooms.

dwcmike said...

I doubt taking any out of the country would be a good idea. however, if needed, i will have a leather belt that could be used if needed. Rudeness is normally not one of my problems

Anonymous said...

Take the bathbrush, display it in the hotel room, commence use as the chambermaid makes her way down the hall. This will make for a very memorable vacation. OUCH.

Karen López said...

I also punish my husband's misbehavior with the cane(I only use the cane), he knows that when I call him into the punishment room he's going to get a very severe caning, I also use my heavy wooden sandals to kick his chins to make him stay in position bent over the chair and on tiptoe, if he moves I cane him harder and kick his legs with the hard toes of my sandals.
I have a yahoo group with some pictures and clips of me caning my husband at:

decapod10 said...

When my girlfriend Diane and I go on vacation, she takes along everything she uses to spank me with. These include her wooden hairbrush, the wooden spoon, a strap, and her round wooden paddle with a siingle hole in th middle. She also makes sure to pack her black leather skimmers for her to wear and to tan my ass with. These items are always left out in plain view in our hotel/motel room as a reminder to me that just because we are on vacation doesn't mean it's a respite from getting spanked by her. Believe me, if she deems that I've stepped out of line or acted badly at anytime while we're away from the place where we're staying, I can expect a severe ass tanning from her upon returning to our room. I always get corner time after she thinks that she's given me a good lesson. I'm sure the people in the adjoining rooms have overheard my spankings from Diane because of the way they've grinned at me the nexmorning when I go out for the newspaper.

Pepsie said...

Your recent posts on Munchs, although you have described a little bit about what they are, I am still not sure I really understand them. Are they relegated solely to BDSM stuff or? Are there any active spankings scenes at them or is this by arrangement afterwords. It seems that there would be a potential of some kind of activity or else your wife would not given you a reminder spanking as you left to attend them. Are Munchs unique to your area, curious because I have recently seen reference to them in other boards and postings. What kind of conversation takes place at them. Is there confidentiality or at least discretion? They sound fascinating.

dwcmike said...

I will describe the munches in a future post. Until then, click on the munch play link and read more about them there.
Munches are different from play parties.
bottoms up

dwcmike said...

Your girlfriend's idea is good. We will take a hairbrush with us, and leaving it out on display is a constant reminder.
A spanking without the cover of the television or air conditioner will make me be very careful to avoid any misbehaviour while on vacation. [ unfortunately, as much as I try, boys will be boys]
We are not yet ready to leave old reliable on display.
bottoms up