Friday, July 28, 2017

still grumpy after all these years

I have been grumpy for the last couple of days. Maybe it is the weather, the October rain, working too much, or who knows what. I have been going to bed earlier, and my wife has stayed up later, so maybe it is the lack of sex, or even the lack of cuddling that I have been missing.

My wife gave me a quick spanking with the bath brush this morning, but a person was coming to our house shortly to do some work, so the spanking was short. It did not relieve the mood.

The probable outcome is a much more vigorous spanking tonight, which hopefully will end my bad mood.

Do spankings work for other people when in a funk. I wonder! Let me know what methods you use to get out of the blahs!!!!!!! ^~^

bottoms up


Janeen said...

Well dwcmike, I unfortunatley share your bad mood. I've been in a bad mood all day. I dropped the kids off at a Halloween party this evening and when I returned Will promptly marched me to the bedroom sat in the center of the bed and told me to climb aboard. I did receive a very long hard spanking but my mood did not improve much. Of course I am trying to quit smoking so I doubt if the mood will be leaving anytime soon.

dwcmike said...

Janeen: The bad mood while trying to quit smoking is worth it. If it is of any help, you will live much longer if you quit smoking, and thus be able to enjoy many more spankings in good health.
But it is a bitch to quit smoking, so good luck...

Anonymous said...

Your lucky my wife would not stop the spanking no matters who is coming.

dwcmike said...

Not certain if Cindy would stop, depends on who and the situation.
bottoms upMike/Red