Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Disciplinary Wives Club method - our modified method

I have referred in previous posts to the Disciplinary wives club method of spanking as advocated by Aunt Kay at her website. I hope she will not mind my including some of her writings here, specifically so that I can let you know how my wife and I are progressing in this lifestyle.

I hope to be able to meet Aunt Kay in the next few years, and she may possibly spank me for posting this, but I truly believe she would be flattered by my including it in my blog, and interested in our progress. Aside: I would only permit Aunt Kay to spank me, with my wife's express permission.

For first time readers, please realize that I am the one who has initiated the concept of my being spanked by my wife, and I could easily prevent my wife from spanking me if I wanted.

In any situation, if one person states that the other person is about to be spanked for whatever reason or even no reason whatsoever, the spankee has to willing allow themself to be bent over the spankers knee, or bend over and lean on a table while having their bottom bared, or lowering their clothing themself first. If they do not willing acquiesce, no spanking would occur. If the spankee is physically attacked, and forced into a spanking, then that is abuse, and a situation for the police.

The METHOD: " quotations are used for words from the website"

Prelude A
"Once he is across your knee, give him a few moments to get used to the fact that he is about to be spanked. Begin by giving a couple of hard smacks, then stop."

My wife sometimes scolds for a short while before administering any spanks. The position I am in, being over her knee, with my bottom bared, focuses my attention on the points she wishes to make prior to being spanked. She begins with anywhere from two to five spanks. When she first used the infamous bathbrush, she was shocked by how quickly I reacted bouncing around on her knee. This was not a normal occurence by me,(I try to be stoic), but I was shocked how much it hurt immediately. Before that particular spanking was over, I was truly regretting both the reasons for the spanking, and my having bought the bathbrush for her.

"The initial sting will be quite a shock to his system. If you were to keep on, he would struggle so much out of reflex action it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hold him in place. This pause after the first few whacks will give him a chance to mentally gear himself for the ordeal to come."

I was definitely worried when those first five bathbrush spanks ended, and certainly, if she had done fifteen in a row, I would have been fighting to get off her lap. The pause and wait after five did allow me to regain some composure, and realize that the reason I was over her lap was to be spanked, and that a spanking's purpose was to be a very unpleasant event. [That is, hurt] Lastly, it was something I was just going to have to endure.

Prelude B
"Give him a few more hard smacks and pause again. He will have started to squirm, but the smacks will have been given before any serious movement takes place."

These spanks let you know that you are in for what might I call 'a proper spanking.' Your bottom is being warmed up. As much as I like the fantasy of spanking, at this point I am definitely not liking it. By the stopping, I know that none of these spanks currently being given actually count in the spanking I am about to receive. My wife usually adds a few words while spanking to once again focus my mind on the changes that this spanking is wanting to accomplish.

"His body will be very tense as he awaits the next round of spanks. Wait for him to relax, and tell him to do so. Then resume the spanking."

I know more spanks are coming, I just don't know when. I must admit that at times I am somewhat frozen, trying to actually shrink the target (my bottom}, by squeezing it tight. My wife sometimes just runs her hand over my bottom until I relax, before continuing the spanking.

Prelude C
"Lecture him quietly on why he is being spanked. Tell him if he weren't so bad and naughty you wouldn't have to spank his bottom so hard, that sort of talk. For the next series, give eight whacks."

We have not progressed to this stage as of yet. Almost always my spanking begin at this point, for an uncounted number of spanks.

the main event (actual spanking)
"Continue to spank in this manner until you think he can take the remainder of the spanking, which should be thirty to fifty spanks without stopping."

My spankings have increased in intensity over the last couple of months, and my wife is beginning to enjoy ending with a flourish. She pauses, states that their will be ten more spanks, and sometimes even states 'i want you to count them'. She then spanks with extra strength, and the last two or three are extremely forceful.

the desired results[part one]
"A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing."

All my spankings end with my bottom being extremely red. My wife has acclimitized herself to the idea that the redder the better, and that my bottom has recovered fine after a few minutes, or more recently, after an hour or two, and occasionally being still red the next day after simply sitting on a comfortable chair.

the desired results[part two]
"Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop."

We have progressed to my making sounds of pain, ouches, owwws and the likes. I have not yet pleaded with her to stop, but I readily agree to anything she states, and make promises that the behaviour will change appropriately.

To ensure the continuance of appeasing my spanking fetish, of improving our marriage and love for each other, and showing that I truly mean to improve, I really try to change the specific items that I am spanked for. I do admit that I am not perfect, and the occasional reminder spanking is needed for a specific item, but this is fortunately becomer infrequent.

the desired results[part three]
"Allow him to squirm within limits. If it gets out of hand, give him a smack or two on the back of his thighs."

My wife has progressed to spanks onthe back of the thighs, and although she does them lighter, they are very effective.

the desired results[part four]
"If you give a spanking the way it should be given, the results should still show a week later."

We have not progressed to this level, and personally I hope we never achieve this goal, but that will be for my wife to decide.

the desired results[part five]
"He should wince every time he tries to sit for days after."

A couple of spankings have still been felt for a couple of days, so we are progressing down this road.

the desired results[part six]
"When you are through spanking, or for that matter, giving any form of corporal punishment, be sure he thanks you for taking the trouble to correct him."

This is important. It shows my wife that I appreciate her monitoring our relationship, and taking proactive action to solve problems, or minor annoyances, before they grow into major fights.

the desired results[part seven]
"If you feel it is appropriate have him go to a corner for at least thirty minutes. If you wish, make him stand there with his bottom bared. Do not allow him to talk, move, or rub his buttocks while he is there.'

My corner time is before being spanked, and only once with a bare bottom to focus on what was about to occur. The last time was over twenty minutes, and I must admit that you have little to think about while standing in the corner, except the reasons you are there, the spanking that is about to occur, and how much you love your wife.

"Always remember the key traits of establishing a dominant disciplinary relationship. When handling discipline issues be firm but fair, strict, demanding, aloof and unyielding. Don't be afraid to degrade and humiliate, and above all, when that bare bottom is turned up side down across your knee waiting for the paddle or hairbrush, don't disappoint him. When you let him up, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees should be quivering, and it should be obvious by looking at his bottom that he is displaying the marks left after a GOOD session."

My wife has never spanked me this hard. I do believe that we would benefit from this type of spanking. I have yet to be brought to tears, but I have the emotional bent to have tears in a very emotional scene of a movie, or if one of my children has been injured. One of the most recent spankings did have one tear in one eye, but I was embarrassed to say anything to my wife, and I do not think she saw it.
In the future, I do expect that this type of spanking may be given on occasions. My wife still does not want to hurt me too much while spanking me, but realizes the purpose of the spanking. She is adapting rather well (unfortunately) to a spanking having the result of my bottom being extremely red, my owwws and ouches being frequent throughout the spanking, and a rather thankful but contrite husband at the end of the spanking.

The spankings usually end with what could be described as great make-up sex, because all has been forgiven, and we are free to show our love for each other.

If you are in a spanking relationship, drop me a line and we might communicate some time.

until then

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

You are a very lucky man to experience a domestic discipline life style as you profess. A woman who is willing to take control and administer the discipline and spankings you need and crave is worth everything in life. Be grateful and thankful for having a partner like this, I'm very envious.

gman22 said...

Yes I agree women like this are rare and to be treasured

Anonymous said...

I am just so envious of your situation at having such an understanding partner. The closest I ever got to it was to be told that she didn't enjoy spanking me and she only did it because it was what I wanted, so we stopped.

dwcmike said...

anon: yes, i am very lucky.
gman22: i do treasure my wife.
Donna : good luck
anon: purchase the 'please spank me ' book from Aunt Kay at the DWC website. Then follow what it says. It might eventually help achieve your goal.

Anonymous said...

your comments have been used and the spanking given to me by my wife was very effective. a sore bottom following your instructions has taught me a lesson i wont forget. when husbands get out of line and causes yor wife to become very mad i am told to disrobe and wait for her in the bathroom. after leaving me alone to contemplate what is coming she enters holiding her bath brush. i must then explain what i did and admitting i deserved to get the spanking forthcoming, my bottom is then really whipped hard and no amount of pleading by me to stop. when she is satisfied she stops and i head for our bedroom and left alone to recover, this procedure works and i wont wont repeat the misdoing again knowing what would happen to my backside.

dwcmike said...

anon: sounds exactly as it should be, as long as this is a consensual arrangement, which I believe it is. Best to behave better.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I agreed with the woman I married she would reserve the right to spank me if I acted foolish. I was looking for such a woman, and in my late 20's found such, she was early 30's. The honeymoon started with a spanking and a reminder of what I agreed to. The spankings are not foreplay, our sex life is great. All the spankings are over her lap, hand, hairbrush, paddle. The biggest mistake I made was getting caught looking at dirty magazines as she called them and enjoying myself, this was the worse. Not all spankings but when she is really mad I must sit on the toilet, naked, and masturbate, when done, clean myself off and then to the kitchen or front room, long lecture and the spanking that follows I preform a spanking dance afterwards that she really enjoys and facing the wall is a longer time no matter if someone drops in. Jack

dwcmike said...

Jack: thank you for sharing your lifestyle with everyone.
bottoms up