Friday, July 28, 2017

Three spankings in 14 hours

Fatigue and the resulting grouchiness has been the cause of my latest spankings. I had worked long hours on Thursday and Friday, but insisted on cooking on Saturday. I wanted to try my hand at making two batches of tomato sauce, which Lynn explained would be an all day event. I argued that it wouldn't. She offered to help, but was unhappy to be cooking the day before a short vacation. I countered that she should go out and let me do it. [I was expecting a stronger spanking, that day, for the previously described over-drinking on one night of vacation. no driving was involved, simply in the lakeside house. Maybe I was a little edgy. I was later to find out that she had mostly forgotten about this spanking. As Bonnie has mused, spankings delayed are spankings denied.]

The cooking went well, but did take a very long time, that is , most of the day. Because I started only in the afternoon, the kitchen was still a mess when my wife came home, and we had more to do with the sauce after dinner. Fatigue led to disagreement, my still denying that it took most of a day to cook this sauce, and an argument about my not cleaning the kitchen and counters properly after finishing the cooking. My wife's back was sore, she had spent most of the afternoon out wonderign around stores, and was tired.

You guessed the result. My wife stated I should accompany her upstairs.

Aside: Wintermute and other sites have suggested that plastic hairbrushes or other spanking plastic (lexan)implements create a strong surface sting, without the dulling effect of wood. In a previous discussion with my wife, I had mentioned that when we first started spankings, she had used a plastic hairbrush that stung like hell, and was very unpleasant. We had moved onto a wood hairbrush from then on. My wife at that time was spanking me to please me, because this was what I wanted. We had not bought into the DWC philosophy, which we are maybe 50% into at the moment. My wife had purchased a small plastic hairbrush today at my urgings.

Spanking number one:

The spanking was OTK, and started with the plastic hairbrush, but her heart was not in the spanking. She quickly switched to the bath brush, but stopped quickly because of my position placing a strain on her back. She briefly lectured about the cooking, the cleanup, the need for a maintenance spanking.

We have rarely used the cane. I suggested she shuld use it for my drinking, but that she should first practice a little. I tried holding a cushion at the height where my bottom would be, but her swats were very erratic. amd could land anywhere. It was decided that I lie on the bed on top of pillows to elevate my bottom. Six quick lightly flicked cane strokes later,and the spanking was over.

I thanked Lynn for the spanking, and the evening continued, without any enthusiasm. The spanking had really not solved the problem, it had mostly been going through the motions. I had asked for the plastic hairbrush, My wife had a sore back, I had asked for the cane, I was directing. This was not a real spanking.

Bedtime spanking:

We lay in bed, and both were still grumpy. [or was it just me?] After cuddling, and laying awake for a while, I asked my wife if she could please spank me. I explained that the previous spanking had not relieved the grumpiness, and stress that I had. She had me retrieve the bath brush, and twenty quick swift spanks followed. These I certainly felt, and I thanked her for the spanking. We then cuddled and went to sleep, one of the extremely rare occurences where a spanking had not been followed up by sex.

The next morning: (Janeen's method)
My wife's back was sore and stiff, and we slowly did everything needed to go away for three days in Seattle. My wife stated that I still seemed grumpy. She believed the spankings had not seemed to work, but stated her back was too sore to take me over her knee. I suggested that the spankings had maybe been too tame, even though I had been spanked twice in three hours the night before. I suggested that I could kneel on the couch, lean forward and stick my bottom out, and she could stand beside the couch and use the bath brush, where she would just have to swing her arm. This was a big mistake. The twenty plus spanks I received were the hardest my wife has ever given me. The spanks were slowly given, with a few seconds between each spank. Occasionally the brush was just rested against my bottom, then brought slowly backwards, until once again moving forward and hitting my bottom. The spanks were agony from the outset. Each one made me regret my foolish mood, and reminded me that my bottom had been tenderized the previous evening. The spanks were all contcentrated in the lower part of my bottom, due to my bent position.

My wife asked if I was getting in a better mood, which I readily and heartedly agreed with. This, however, did not stop the spanks from continuing.

When the spanks finally ended, with a flourish of 4 harder quick spanks, I truly felt that I had been punished.

We left shortly thereafter, and I sat on a very red bottom for the rest of the day. This spanking occured at about 11:00am, but that night before bed my bottom was still a very bright red. We made love passionately that night, all stress and grumpiness removed from my mind and my behaviour.

A shower the next morning brought the bright red color back to my bottom.

I have to thank (?)Janeen for stating that this is her favorite position. I now know the punishment capability when your bottom is so exposed. However, my wife also knows that if she really wants to make a impression, this position will be useful. Also, she has learned that my bottom can take a lot more punishment than she has previously applied, and that no ill effects have occurred. Thus, for better or worse, spankings may have become more meaningful in our life.

bottoms up


Janeen said...

Hi dwcmike, hope you had a good trip.

I'm glad my position had such good results for you. Will likes this position when he's ready to really wallop my behind. But I think he also enjoys the view. ;)

Hope you weren't cursing me too badly while you were in that position being thoroughly spanked! LOL

dwcmike said...

Hi Janeen: A brief thought of you when the spanks started did occur to me. Like, what in the hell was janeen stating. I am in such an exposed position for the bath brush. Lesser implements would have been easier to endure. This positon did give the maximum effect of a spanking, and did set the mood to be much more loving for the vacation.
thanks (I guess)
PS: has anyone else received the bath brush in full force i this position?