Saturday, August 05, 2017

bend over more, and put your bottom out

Two quick spankings occurred on Saturday. An unfortunate choice of words in the morning had my wife indicating she wanted to spank me for them, but a family memeberwas nearby at the time. We have agreed that it is inappropriate for us to excuse ourselves immediately when my wife is upset, and go upstairs, close the door, put on music, and then return a couple of minutes later.

Alone shortly thereafter, but my wife was in the midst of cooking, so my wife contented herself with my baring my bottom, bending over slightly, and being chastised with about eight swift solid spanks with the soup stirrer. They really sting, because it is light, wooden, and easy to swing swiftly. One would think that the hole would lessen the effect, but it amplifies the effect for all those unaware of a holey spanking utensil. The clinical explanation is that the air can escape when the implement catches your bottom, thus the solid wood part makes far greater contact. A paddle without holes, in effect, creates a small layer of air that gets trapped between your bottom and the paddle, thus minimizing some of the impact of the spank. She stated that that was all the time she had to deal with me FOR NOW!

Baring the bottom: I usually wear track pants around the house, so it is a very simple matter to lower them and the underwear that is beneath. Thus, any spanks being given can be given on the bare in absolutely no time, and covered up immediately.

My wife had finished cooking, and we were upstairs in our bedroom when I suggested that I hope the spanking before solved the problem, but if it didn’t would she please deal with it now, instead of harboring any ill feelings. She agreed, and proceeded to take out the bath brush. One look this time at my clothing, informed me to lower my clothes, and another nod of the head informed me to bend over.

BUT THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT. MY WIFE STATED TO BEND OVER MORE, AND PUT YOUR BUM OUT. She has never before stated this, and when about to receive spanks from the bath brush, I have tried to stay as upright as possible. My method has been to keep my hands on the counter, and my arms reasonably straight, giving an upright target.. This time, I was in the classic completely bent at the waist, for a swinging bath brush. When leaning on the counter with my elbows resting on the counter, and my head almost touching my arms she stated, THAT’S BETTER!” The feeling of being totally exposed, at her request, and awaiting her spanks was erotically frightening. She then proceeded to give me numerous full swinging spanks, which really got the message across, and elicited groans from me. When she stopped my bottom was red and sore, and I had truly felt each and every spank. We hugged and I thanked her for taking the time to solve our problem.

This is a new step in our evolution. She has realized that how far I bend will affect how significant her spanks are, and she is willing to take the lead and determine exactly how she wants my bottom presented for her attention. OUCH!

Love making that night was thrilling, and enhanced by my wife now teasing me a little about how she would bare my bottom when she felt it was needed, and spank my naughty bottom. She decided to orally please me, and allowed my cum to fill her mouth without missing a stroke. She swallowed most of the cum, and we French kissed sharing the rapture and the taste. I, then returned the pleasure orally for her, with her having a most rapturous climax.

So, progress goes in very small steps, then takes a gigantic leap.
Who knows what the future will unfold.

Bottoms up


Danielle said...

Maybe some other idea to try out (not my own btw).
I tried it this very morning on my husband for a funspanking and in the afternoon for punishment.
He had to put on a ladies thights, no legs, the top only. It's a very sexy view and he did feel a lot more pain.

dwcmike said...

Hi Danielle: I imagine that they are like shorts, in that they only go a little down the legs. Is that correct? Glad it works for both of you, but we favor bare bottom spankings.

Anonymous said...

Your wife's words were close to what my wife says to me. She told you to stick your bum out. My wife says arch your butt out so I can spank you good, hence my nick archedone.

dwcmike said...

Hi archedone: hope you understand that this is my old blog, and these things happened in 2005. I will be re-posting more as the months go by.
bottoms up