Sunday, August 06, 2017

misty eyes

Misty Eyes (Wednesday Jan 11)

The intensity of the chastisement in my spankings is definitely increasing, such that this was the first ever spanking by my wife that left me with misty eyes. Our son had gone out on a few messages, and Lynn suggested that a spanking was in order, but that we didn’t know when our son would be back.. I assured her that we had at least another ten minutes, so she should spank me immediately if she felt it would be useful. Lynn agreed.

What I thought would be a quick spanking turned out to be a very strict, no nonsense, slow and intense spanking. I was requested to get the bath brush, and Lynn immediately sat down on the bed. No time was wasted obtaining the spanking chair, nor getting the shoes that Lynn normally wears, simply lower your pants and underwear, and bend over her awaiting lap.

Slow (every two to three seconds), regular hard swats were methodically applied to my bottom, alternating from cheek to cheek. Little pause existed between the first ten, and the next set that followed. The lecture was equally slow, followed by a few quicker spanks at the end of the sentence for emphasis. My ears were well tuned to everything Lynn was saying, and also in case I heard the garage door opening, which would signal our son's return. [No such luck]

The spanks continued past forty, with real arm movement and gusto, before a short pause occurred. Lynn, however, informed me she was just resting, and that the spanking was not over.

Whap! The spanks started on the top of the back of my legs, and the crease where the legs join the buttocks. One trick that I have used to lessen the severity is to mentally count the strokes, but by this time I had totally lost count. This is a behaviour that I am trying to stop, but re-appears during an intense spanking.

Somewhere about this time, I could feel my eyes getting misty. My butt was extremely sore, my legs had been kicking a bit, and I am uncertain if I was saying ouch when the spanks were landing.

One more brief pause, and then a flourish of very hard spanks ended the spanking. This was the most spanks I have ever received from the bath brush, and quite possibly from any spanking instrument that we own. My buns were beet red, with an ashen color in the middle of the red. If you have seen the pictures I previously posted, this was much more significant than those pictures. Lynn admired her handiwork, but no time existed for any love-making. We cuddled, and told each other how much we love each other, and I thanked her for taking the time to spank me whenever needed.

We heard the garage door open, and our son had returned.

Four hours later, I looked at my bottom, and it was still extremely red, and the ashen part was now completely red also. I was reminded of the spanking each time I sat down.

When going to bed, about ten hours after the spanking, my bottom was still significantly red, although the back of the legs had returned to a normal color. Lynn looked at my bottom, but not sympathetically, more in an admiring tribute to her handy work, or should I more correctly state her brush work.

If the spanking had continued, I believe the possibility strongly exists that I would have been crying, without mentally willing myself into that state.

The make-up sex that accompanies every spanking, had to wait a day, but was tremendous the next evening.


Lynn is now very comfortable spanking me when she feels it is needed, and does not need me to suggest that I be spanked if a disagreement arises,

Lynn is much more assertive, but fair in being assertive, which I truly appreciate. Many times in the past, I have used my assertiveness to get my own way, even when that was not the best solution to the problem. This no longer happens.

Lynn playfully pats my bottom at times, which serves as both sexually stimulating touching, but also as a reminder of what could happen. Occasionally this bottom patting occurs in public, which really startles me.

Lynn is becoming a true DWC woman, and this gives me great pleasure.

Aside: Last night she used her stern voice to ask me to come upstairs please, and I scurried upstairs. The tap drips in the bathtub, and she wanted to make me aware that I should get it fixed sooner than later. She had been telling me about it for maybe a few weeks or more. Our son was at home, so nothing progressed into the spanking mode, but I am reasonably certain that if we had been alone, I would have been spanked then and there, and warned of a repeat spanking if it wasn’t fixed very soon. I intend to call a plumber today, if I am not confident to be able to fix it myself.

Bottoms up


Wintermute said...

What a great gift of fortune that your wife has
become an enthusiastic spanker and does not
hesitate to spank you soundly.

Do you think that she might actually be able to
spank you to tears? I've always wanted that,
but I've given up on the hope that it will
ever happen. I just don't think that it would
happen from pain alone.

What's ironic is that it's not that I don't cry.
The beauty of Venice in the movie Casanova actually
made me tear up a little. But for what ever
reason, the pain of a spanking just does not
seem to do it.


John said...

Don't we have lovely wifes? Mother knows best.

Danielle said...

Now you see. Having less time you experienced even more.

I haven't reached that point being a total DWCwoman. But last week I did give a punishment on the spot: I had to do some shopping in town and my husband should prepare diner. When I returned he was still playing on the computer. So I took a seat on my high kitchenchair and sent him upstairs for the paddle and dealt with his behavior.

dwcmike said...

wintermute: Yes, I have a fantastic wife, and like oyu, i have tears at times in various movies, even upon seeing them a few times, the tears still occur.
John: yes, we have wonderful wives.
an on the spot spanking can be more severe, in less time, than other spankings, if the mood is such for my wife. I believe that achieving the status of dwcwife is different for each person, and each relationship, and is a frame of mind, not necessarily the result of giving any specific spanking. It means to me that if behaviour is unacceptable, then a spanking is warranted, instead of arguments, nagging, grumpyness, aloofness, or any other method of disagreement. Simply spank until satisfied that the spanking has solved the problem, and then life continues as two lovers.
bottoms up